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We are a group of photographers from Harford County and the surrounding areas. Our Mission is to meet other photographers, network, trade tips and techniques, teach, learn, and have fun! Most importantly - click, click, click!

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"Architecture Photography" With Chris Spielman

The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

Interior Architectural Photography

Attendees will be shown samples from a variety of the speaker’s assignments over many decades of working as an architectural photographer. This will include a discussion of various
approaches and techniques related to interior architectural photography and how to deal with creative challenges including composition and lighting. Subjects such as overall illumination,
accent lighting, working with different white balances, and elimination of reflections will be covered.

If you paid for a 2023 Gold membership, just register for this meeting and your all set!

If you did NOT pay for a Gold membership, you will need to pay a $5 fee at the door.

Gold memberships can be purchased until February 28th by going to www.HarfordCountyPhotoGroup.com and clicking on "Join HCPG".

Walk with Ray--Street Photography

Havre De Grace American Legion

Walk with Ray--Street Photography:
Come join me on an adventure into Street Photography as we walk through downtown HdG in search of capturing life at its purest. I will go over a few basic techniques and camera settings and explain why, as well as provide guidance on what to look for and how to capture like a Ninja.

Each person will be given a theme assignment to focus efforts. Those themes are listed below and will be assigned randomly on site.
- Frames
- Shadows
- Patterns
- Emotion
- Motion
- Reflection
- Color

Prerequisites prior to event:
1- Know how to set your camera in Aperture Priority (Av, A) OR Shutter Priority (Tv, T, S)--See you user's manual
2- Set your ISO to Auto ISO
- Set specific min shutter to 1/200th
- Set min ISO to lowest setting
- Set highest ISO to highest setting (or highest you desire)
3- Know how to set your focus to Manual Focus and Focus Tracking
4- Know how to set your camera to Continuous Shooting "Rapid Fire" mode

Gear Required:

  • Camera/Phone
  • Lens (don't bring large lenses....key is to be stealthy)
  • Remote shutter (cable, wireless remote, or phone app)
  • TINY tripod if you have one
  • Pack light as we will be walking and want to have a small footprint so we do not draw attention.
  • Dress to blend in...no bright colors

Meeting location:
Park at the David R. Craig Parking lot (by the American Legion in HdG). We will meet there and disperse after our discussion and assignments.

We will link-up at 5:30-6:00pm to review/answer questions, and show others what we captured. We can also grab something to eat as a group afterwards to share our adventure and socialize.

I expect all to post their shots in the Meetup site or on the HCPG FB Page so we can see your wonderful work and share with our group.

As always...session is free and all are welcomed.

"Melancholigraphs" With Geoffrey Ansel Agrons

The Greene Turtle Sports Bar & Grille

On May 10th, join us for "Melancholigraphs" with Geoffrey Ansel Agrons.

If you paid for a Gold Membership, just register for this Meetup you are all set!
If you did not pay for a Gold membership, you will need to pay a $5 fee at the door.

HCPG Disposable Camera Scavenger Hunt



On May 20, 2pm to 5pm in Havre de Grace join us for a picture taking scavenger hunt with Black & White Disposable Cameras. No filters, no post processing, just the world as you see it through the camera’s eye. We will meet at 2pm outside MacGregor's Restaurant (331 St John St, Havre De Grace, MD 21078) where participants will be given a camera and list of themes to capture within walking distance. There are 27 exposures and 12 themes, so shoot sparingly, and take your time finding the very best of shots.
We will meet outside MacGregor’s again at 5pm for cameras to be collected. They will be shipped off for development, returned, and judged by an unnamed, non-participant. Prizes will then be awarded for the top three photos. Participation requires a sign up and prepayment of $30 to cover the cost of the camera and film development.


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