What we're about

This group is an opportunity for people to come together in a relaxed and creative environment to use the psychological toolkit of Transactional Analysis to learn to communicate in a way that allows everybody to be truly ‘seen’.

By coming together, exchanging ideas and experiences we will learn to look at ourselves and our relationships with others to heighten our awareness of the ways we sabotage ourselves from getting what we really want and need!

The group schedule will include seminars, workshops, dialogue sessions, social events, and other learning opportunities focused around transactional analysis and personal and collective healing. This group is for anyone who is interested in psychology, spirituality, philosophy, and holistic approaches to mental health or self-development. This group is also for practitioners and non-practitioners wanting to network and share ideas, tools, and to collaborate in a creative space. What benefits will you get from this group?

-An opportunity to network with some of the most successful psychotherapists and counsellors in the area.

-New ideas about best practice.

-A chance to meet and listen to some of the best group facilitators in the region.

-A chance to explore and play with different concepts of healing.

-A relaxed environment in which to look at your assumptions about yourself, others, and the world.

- Improve interpersonal communication styles, help with personal relationships, or with workplace games and shenanigans!

- Free yourself from unhealthy or self-destructive ways of thinking, feeling and behaving leading to empowerment and change for a better future.

Meetup groups will have a cost of £5 to cover the cost of the room. Refreshments and croissants included due to my sweet tooth!

Past events (7)

Stroke Economy - 'Hungers'

The Tower Clinic

(TA Themed) Movie & Food get together

Everyman Cinema

'I'm Okay You're Okay'

Needs a location


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