What we're about

In this group, we all be using hypnotherapy, working with internal imagery, symbol, and metaphor to heal past wounds, process our emotions, and move through adversity towards a better future.

We will be diving deep into our subconscious mind so we are no longer at mercy of our past baggage, old programming, habits, and behaviors which are holding us back.

Fun monthly or more frequent workshops will be held to help each and every person at any health and spirituality level reconnect with the joy of life and the power within themselves!

Some upcoming workshops include:

- Inner Child Connection

- Self Hypnosis Instruction

- Healing with image, symbol, and metaphor

- Transformative image-making

- Body and Mind connection

and more!

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Inner Child Connection Workshop

3020 N Kimball Ave

Inner Child Connection Workshop

3020 N Kimball Ave


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