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This hiking group is for people who like to undertake challenging hikes and climbs in and around the Coachella Valley, as well as all of Southern California and the Sierras. We hike Mt. San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Baldy and Mt. Shasta, just to name a few. Our hikes range from approximately 10-20 miles and may gain at least 2000 feet to over 10,000 feet of elevation. Our hikes are moderate to very strenuous. Some of our hikes include Skyline, Cactus to Clouds, Vivian Creek, South Fork and routes on Baldy. We also do a good bit of mountaineering and go to the summits of San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Mt. Baldy and Mt. Shasta in the snow or ice using crampons, ice axes and full on winter gear. In addition, there are many desert hikes that we do in the winter, such as Jo Pond and the Guadalupe to Sugarloaf, as well as Painted Canyon in Mecca and many trails in Joshua Tree National Park. Our hikes typically last at least 6-15 hours and require preparation and care. Join this group if you love the outdoors, adventure, challenging hikes or climbs, intense workouts in nature, unpredictable weather and wonderful camaraderie with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. We also welcome hike organizers, so if you are interested in leading your favorite hikes, we would love to have you join our leadership team.

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VIA Blackstar Canyon Falls to Silverado Canyon!

Needs a location

DISTANCE: 18 MILES +- E.G.: 5,000' +- MEETING SPOT: MAPLE SPRINGS (SILVERADO CANYON) TRAILHEAD AT 7:30 AM. Then we will shuttle to Black Star Canyon Trail Head. This is one-way advanced shuttle hike. The hike will start at 8:00 AM and will be finished by 5 PM. We will keep up a pretty good pace. The hike starts out on a dirt road for about a mile, followed by some boulder hopping and climbing for the next 2-3 miles. There are steep sections but does not have big exposures, so any good hiker with good balance can overcome those obstacles. Some of these obstacles will be Class 3 scramble. There should be pretty good flow in the falls. The Blackstar Canyon Fall is one of the prettiest waterfalls in Southern California. MY WAIVER: Please do not sign up if following is not acceptable. Any outdoor activity can be challenging, fun, or a painful experience, often depending whom you are with, even deadly and more painful depending on you, your abilities, circumstances, lack of judgment and sometimes just bad luck. Accidents happen. Any outdoor activity involves the risk of injury or even death. Please do not sign up; if you are not comfortable with what you are doing, unwilling to take that risk, or if you think you don’t have the needed skills for the event. You are not participating to an event organized by trained outdoors' people or medical professionals. No one is trained or paid to watch after your safety. You will be agreeing to take responsibility for yourself, your actions and not to hold organizer/group leader, participants, cooks, carpoolers or anyone liable but yourself by signing and/or showing up for this event. Please remember that if you are not capable to this event or you don’t know your limits and still sign up, you may not only put yourself in danger but also all the other participants who are going with you. You further agree to pay for any medical or legal cost involved in case of an injury to yourself and request your heirs to respect your agreed waiver in case of an injury or even death due to any reason, by signing up for this event. Please also note that I may exclude or include anyone at my own discretion.

PCT North to Live Oak Overlook

PCT Trailhead Hwy 74

We will begin at the PCT parking lot on Hwy 74 and hike northbound on the PCT until we reach the live oak canyon overlook. That is around six miles. Depending upon the interest and time, we may opt to hike down to the spring which will add another two miles and 1600 feet in elevation gain and loss. So the total will be 12 to 14 miles. Beautiful views, pines, wonderful rock formations etc. After we are done we will go to the Paradise Café for a well deserved bite to eat. I will update the description in a few days. Should be nice and green.

***Mammoth Snowshoeing Weekend***

Inyo Craters Trail Mammoth Scenic Loop

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE EVENT DESCRIPTION PRIOR TO SIGNING UP. Well I don't know that we can count on Southern California giving us any snow this year... again! Fingers crossed but let's plan a snowshoeing trip anyway! Mammoth has gorgeous groomed snowshoe trails all over the place! Let's go and explore on and off trail! The groomed trails are great for all levels of snowshoeing, however we will be traveling some long distances. Some additional backcountry exploration will be optional! You are responsible for organizing your own accommodations! FRIDAY Meetup @ NOON INYO CRATERS TRAILHEAD @ Mammoth Scenic Loop Parking Area 8MI R/T snowshoe to Inyo Craters. (Following Hwy. 203 toward Mammoth Mountain's Main Lodge, turn right on Mammoth Scenic Loop. Follow this paved, two-lane road 2.7 miles to the Inyo Craters turnoff. Turn left and follow the signs to the parking lot at the Inyo Craters trail head. Park here.) THE MAP PIN IS A GENERAL AREA. https://www.google.com/maps/dir//Inyo+Craters+Trail,+California+93546/@37.6914274,-119.018063,15z/data=!4m8!4m7!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x8096128cfd7ceb69:0x63fe604878bf8c4d!2m2!1d-119.0093082!2d37.6914277 SATURDAY Meetup @ 8am MAMMOTH ROCK TRAIL parking. Take Old Mammoth Road from Main Street and follow it until the road is closed (winter closure). This is the general area for Mammoth Rock Trail parking (snow may be covering the parking lot and make it hard to see). There are bathrooms and benches and the road closure metal gate (again depending on snow level it may be hard to see). Park in this area. We will congregate here and "hopefully" be able to start snowshoeing right from the parking area. We will head to Mammoth Rock and generally explore the area. This will be a full day event so please have lots of hydration, snacks, energy and lunch. https://www.google.com/maps/dir//Mammoth+Rock+Trail+Parking/@37.6315273,-119.0024782,14z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x80960c5dff48856f:0xd6bdf33ddc3dfd5c!2m2!1d-118.9932941!2d37.6186283!3e0 ***GROUP DINNER OPTIONAL @ MAMMOTH BREWING CO. EATERY @ 7PM*** Sunday head for home! SNOWSHOES CAN BE RENTED IN THE MAMMOTH AREA OR ARCADIA REI among other places I'm sure! Do your research if you need to rent. Please rent backcountry, ascending style shoes. **15 PEOPLE ONLY** NO PLUS 1'S or GUESTS and NO DOGS*** If you would like to join the event, answer the questions upon RSVP. You must have a completed profile with a photo of YOU and hiking history. If you don't see the questions, send me a private message. Chronic non-attenders, double-bookers and no-shows, don't sign-up. THE TEN ESSENTIALS ARE ALWAYS REQUIRED! You must have micro-spikes and snowshoes and winter clothing, waterproof boots and all essential gear! THINK WATERPROOF and LOTS OF LAYERS! *KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS* By signing up YES for this event, you acknowledge, agree and do not hold any of the group or members responsible for your participation. You agree that this event can be dangerous and involve risk. You agree you are responsible for your own safety, well-being and actions. Including participation in carpools to and from destinations. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL HIKER OR GUIDE. This is simply an invitation to participate with me and fellow attendees. I reserve the right to accept/deny your RSVP for the safety of the group. SEVERE WEATHER and/or UNSAFE CONDITIONS MAY CANCEL THIS EVENT.



*PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE HIKE DESCRIPTION PRIOR TO SIGNING UP* THIS WILL BE 3-NIGHTS of *CAR CAMPING* AT WILDROSE CAMPGROUND which has 23 FREE WALK-UP campsites that can comfortably accommodate two tents per site. Located off Trona Wildrose Road at an elevation of 4100'. Amenities include pit toilets, potable water, fire pits (purchase wood from the area and review fire restrictions in place at the time of the event), bbqs and picnic tables. NO TRASH FACILITY (PACK OUT ALL TRASH). LEAVE NO TRACE! Safe food storage must be practiced! Rodents and other wildlife are abundant in the area. Including mules that roam freely. All scented and food items must be kept out of TENTS and CONTAINED. *CAR CAMPING* *DAY HIKING ONLY* *15 HIKERS ONLY* I will be arriving Thursday evening. Camp spots cannot be "HELD" for attendees. This campground can get busy during the wildflower months. FRIDAY: CORKSCREW PEAK @ 5804' 8MI R/T 3300' GAIN (RIDGE ROUTE) Some Class 1 and 2 easy scrambling and route finding. DEPART CAMPGROUND IN CARPOOLS @ 6AM (1HR COMMUTE) FOR A FULL DAY OF ACTIVITY. After Corkscrew Peak we will visit MESQUITE SAND DUNES and STOVEPIPE WELLS SALOON for dinner before returning to camp for the night. SATURDAY: TELESCOPE PEAK @ 11043' 14MI R/T 3000' GAIN. DEPART CAMPGROUND IN CARPOOLS @ 7AM (20MIN COMMUTE). The road to Mahogany Flat (Trailhead) is rough and full of potholes. HIGH CLEARANCE VEHICLES ARE RECOMMENDED. Low clearance vehicles can park at the Charcoal Kilns. This will add approximately 3 miles r/t to your hike. This is a great time of year to climb Telescope as the wildflowers are blooming and the trail is normally clear of snow and ice. (WEATHER CONDITIONS TBD). https://www.google.com/maps/dir//Wildrose+Campground,+Death+Valley,+CA/@36.2626141,-117.1951813,15z/data=!4m9!4m8!1m0!1m5!1m1!1s0x80c0cd3afdefeb6d:0x693f86fb4b8786dd!2m2!1d-117.1881833!2d36.2657861!3e0 *Be prepared to pay a National Park Entrance Fee or have your annual pass* ***NO PLUS 1'S or Guests & NO DOGS*** ANSWER THE QUESTIONS upon RSVP. If you don't see the questions, send me a private message. You must have a completed profile with a picture of yourself and hiking history. Chronic non-attenders, chronic double-bookers and No-shows WILL NOT GET PRIORITY. *LIMITED TO 15 HIKERS* The TEN ESSENTIALS are ALWAYS REQUIRED! You must provide all of your own camping, hiking, survival and safety gear. SAFE FOOD STORAGE. BE PREPARED FOR CHANGING TEMPERATURES AND CLIMATE. *KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS* By signing up YES for this hike, you acknowledge and agree that hiking can be dangerous and involve risk. You are responsible for your own safety, well-being and actions. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL HIKER OR GUIDE. This is simply an invitation to hike with me and fellow hikers. KNOW YOUR ABILITY BEFORE SIGNING UP. I reserve the right to accept/deny your RSVP for the safety of the group. SEVERE WEATHER/UNSAFE CONDITIONS MAY CANCEL THIS EVENT. "We travel not to escape life, but for life not to escape us." Anonymous

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Oaks Flat and Sitton Peak!

Ortega Oaks Candy Store

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