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This hiking group is for people who like to undertake challenging hikes and climbs in and around the Coachella Valley, as well as all of Southern California and the Sierras. We hike Mt. San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Baldy and Mt. Shasta, just to name a few. Our hikes range from approximately 10-20 miles and may gain at least 2000 feet to over 10,000 feet of elevation. Our hikes are moderate to very strenuous. Some of our hikes include Skyline, Cactus to Clouds, Vivian Creek, South Fork and routes on Baldy. We also do a good bit of mountaineering and go to the summits of San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Mt. Baldy and Mt. Shasta in the snow or ice using crampons, ice axes and full on winter gear. In addition, there are many desert hikes that we do in the winter, such as Jo Pond and the Guadalupe to Sugarloaf, as well as Painted Canyon in Mecca and many trails in Joshua Tree National Park. Our hikes typically last at least 6-15 hours and require preparation and care. Join this group if you love the outdoors, adventure, challenging hikes or climbs, intense workouts in nature, unpredictable weather and wonderful camaraderie with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. We also welcome hike organizers, so if you are interested in leading your favorite hikes, we would love to have you join our leadership team.

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Charlton and little Charlton peaks.

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The plan. Hike to both, Charlton peaks. We meet at South fork TH. ( 6880 ft ) for a quick meet and greet. Boots on the trail at 0640. Then proceed on South fork trail, to Charlton ( 10,806 ft ), Little Charlton ( 10,696 ft ), where we will have lunch, enjoy the views. After lunch, we head back on the trial to the TH. This is not a race, if speed is your thing then this isn’t for you. Conversely, this isn’t a snail pace hike either. If your slower then me, which is almost impossible, then this isn’t for you. We try and stay together for camaraderie. There is no sweep, either stay with the group or know the trail. This is long arduous trek. Approx 16 miles, with 5,000 elev gain/loss. Know your limitations, prior to signing up. Bring your ten essentials, enough snacks and lunch, layers and at least 3-4 liters of water. More then likely we will hit some patches of snow, so I Highly recommend bringing your spikes.

No plus 1s. No dogs. An adventure pass is needed to park.

If this trek appeals to you, sign up and answer the RSVP questions that pop up. If you don’t see the questions, send me an email. If you don’t answer, you don’t go. I reserve the right to add or delete anyone.

Directions. Take the 38 from Angelus oaks. After approx 5 miles, you will turn right onto Jenks Lake rd . Take Jenks Lake rd for approx 4 miles to South Fork Th. which will be on your left.

WAIVER. I’m not a Professional. I’m just a volunteer organizer, who enjoys hiking. All outdoor activities of this nature are beautiful. However, incidents do occur. Injury and death can and do happen. Sign up only if your comfortable, with this waiver. Your responsible for your own safety.

WHITE MOUNTAIN ( car camp/day hike ) 14,252 ft.

Needs a location

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE WRITE UP. This will be a car camping/ trekking event.

The plan, trek to the summit of White mountain ( 14,252 ft ) the 3rd highest peak in calif. We will meet by the locked gate, next to Barcroft gate TH sign. ( 11,867 ft ) Then proceed to the summit. I would like to get an early start, 0630. It’s approx 15 miles and 3,200 ft elev gain. You might want to bring a camera for this journey, as the views are amazing, I normally bring 4 or 5 rolls of film, lol. If we are lucky, we might see a heard of Big Horn sheep. I will be camping here, Saturday and Sunday nights. I prefer parking/camping next to the Barcroft gate. There is an outhouse here, but no other amenities. There are 2 other camp spots on the road up. What you decide is up to you. However, I don’t recommend driving down this road after the hike. Sunday we hike. For those of you who haven’t seen the Bristlecone Forrest, it’s well worth the time, plus it’s on the way out. Bristlecones are the oldest know living organisms. White mountain is also an excellent place to condition, for Whitney, Williamson or other 14ers.

If this event interests you, Sign up and answer the RSVP questions that pop up. If you don’t see the questions, send me a message. You must answer the questions, or you don’t go.

What to bring? Your hiking gear, ten essentials and enough water to hike and cook with, for the car camping portion. Also, tent, stove, food , snacks. Bear canister would be advisable, due to the marmots, they get into everything. Make sure all food items are in the canister when we go hiking. Speaking of marmots, I’ve been told by the Rangers, that you don’t have to Marmot proof your car.

No dogs. No plus 1s.

Directions. Take the 395 out of Big Pine and turn Right onto 168. Take 168 for approx 22 miles. After you pass the Bristlecone Forest turn-off, the road turns from paved to a gravel road with some ruts. This portion of the road last approx 22 miles. High clearance vehicles are highly recommended.


Mt. Langley ( day hike )

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The plan. Hike to the summit of Mt. Langley at 14,046 ft and Approx 21 miles. This is a beautiful trail, where the flora and fauna are abundant. This is by far more scenic then Mt. Whitney and of course less crowded. Bring a camera. We will meet at the TH sign for a quick roll call and last minute info, then get on the trail at 0300 sharp. We will take the New Army pass trail, to and from. This is not a race. ( If speed is your thing and your looking to show people how fast you are, Don’t sign up.) However, I don't have problem with folks going ahead as long as they know the trail and are hiking with a partner. Conversely, if your slower then me, (which is almost impossible) and you find yourself dropping back, it would be wise to turn back, as there will be no sweep. Always think of the buddy system while hiking. We will be taking a few short breaks along the way and of course lunch on the peak. Bring enough snacks to last the day. Water shouldn't be an issue, as there are plenty of water sources. ( bring a water filter ). Your 10 essentials, Headlamp with fresh batteries and enough gear, in the event you have to spend the night. We may need spikes, TBD. You should know you own energy and hydration needs. Remember, we will be at elevation, so keeping hydrated and nourished is very crucial. Plan for success. This is a long arduous trek, where elevation is a factor. Know your limitations. If this hike appeals to you, and you are conditioned, sign up and answer the RSVP questions. If you don't see the RSVP questions, send me a message. If I'm comfortable in your ability, I will pull you up.

I keep the number down, to no more then 12, for safety reasons.

Some folks will camp in the area the night before, to help acclimate. I highly recommend this "any time spent at elevation, is time well spent". I also recommend, spending the night after this trek, to help offset fatigue.

No Plus 1,s. No Dogs.

******** WAIVER****** Hiking and all outdoor activities are dangerous. Accidents can and do happen, injury and death do occur. Myself, nor any other organizers are responsible for you. This includes, not only hiking, but driving to and from this location. You sign up knowing this. Do not sign up if your uncomfortable with this event.

Kilimanjaro - Lemosho Route, Jan 25, 2023

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Join us in Tanzania for Mt. Kilimanjaro.
Dates have been confirmed for Jan 25-Feb 3, 2023 (12 spaces). All dates will go up Lemosho Route using an 8 day time period with optional Safari. Cost is $4000. Does not include air fare or safari. We are using www.IanTaylorTrekking.com as our guide and support team. Please update your RSVP now that dates are confirmed.


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