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This hiking group is for people who like to undertake challenging hikes and climbs in and around the Coachella Valley, as well as all of Southern California and the Sierras. We hike Mt. San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Baldy and Mt. Shasta, just to name a few. Our hikes range from approximately 10-20 miles and may gain at least 2000 feet to over 10,000 feet of elevation. Our hikes are moderate to very strenuous. Some of our hikes include Skyline, Cactus to Clouds, Vivian Creek, South Fork and routes on Baldy. We also do a good bit of mountaineering and go to the summits of San Jacinto, San Gorgonio, Mt. Baldy and Mt. Shasta in the snow or ice using crampons, ice axes and full on winter gear. In addition, there are many desert hikes that we do in the winter, such as Jo Pond and the Guadalupe to Sugarloaf, as well as Painted Canyon in Mecca and many trails in Joshua Tree National Park. Our hikes typically last at least 6-15 hours and require preparation and care. Join this group if you love the outdoors, adventure, challenging hikes or climbs, intense workouts in nature, unpredictable weather and wonderful camaraderie with other like-minded outdoor enthusiasts. We also welcome hike organizers, so if you are interested in leading your favorite hikes, we would love to have you join our leadership team.

Upcoming events (5+)

***Bear Canyon Trail Loop***

Mount Baldy Visitor Center

This is an ADVANCED, STRENUOUS hike due to elevation gain! Please be a regular hiker with experience at high altitude. The hike starts at 6AM sharp! The hike will be a moderate pace (2 to 2.5mph) with breaks along the route. We will hike from the Baldy Village (4300') to West Baldy (9988'), to Baldy (10,064') for our longest break, to Harwood (9551'). Descending the Devils Backbone trail to The Notch for food and drinks! You are welcome to descend via the chairlift ($15) or the fire road (your choice). The hike requires a vehicle shuttle. If you plan on socializing with the group at The Notch after the hike, I can provide you with a ride back to the village afterwards. OTHERWISE, you must make your own arrangements for a car shuttle. THIS HIKE CAN BE VERY WARM until you reach higher elevations. PLEASE BRING MORE HYDRATION AND ELECTROLYTES than you think you require. *APPROX 12 MILES WITH 6000' GAIN* *12 HIKERS* If you would like to join me, please RSVP "Yes" and answer the questions. If you do not see the questions send me a message. You must have a completed profile with a photo of yourself, and hiking experience. Chronic non-attenders, no-shows and double-bookers do not get priority. **ADVENTURE PASS IS REQUIRED AT MANKER FLATS AND THE BALDY VISITOR CENTER** DO NOT PARK AT THE BALDY VILLAGE CHURCH! **NO PLUS 1's or GUESTS** **DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH** THE TEN ESSENTIALS ARE ALWAYS REQUIRED. *PACK TO SPEND THE NIGHT IN CASE OF AN EMERGENCY*. Be responsible for checking weather conditions before the hike. Prepare for changing mountain conditions and requirements with layers, food and more water than you think you'll need. NO WATER ON THE TRAIL! *KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS* By signing up "Yes" for this hike, you acknowledge and agree that hiking can be dangerous and involve risk. You are responsible for your own safety, well-being and actions. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL GUIDE OR HIKER. THIS IS SIMPLY AN INVITATION TO HIKE WITH ME AND FELLOW HIKERS.

Mt. Langley Backpack

Cottonwood lakes Trailhead


Please join me on a 3 day backpack to 14,026 ft. Mt. Langley in the Southern Sierra Nevada. It's been a wet winter... be prepared for MOSQUITOES! Each particiapnt is responsible for their own food and transportation. The cost of this trip is $5.00 per person for the permit. Please bring this to the event. This is a backpack trip, not a day hike. On Saturday we will meet at the trail head at 11 AM and will hike approximately 6 miles to Long Lake starting at an elevation of 10,040 ft. with about 1500 ft of elevation gain. We will be camping at an elevation of 11145 ft. at Long Lake. https://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-118.2294927805214&lat=36.48774255743932#.XSZZGutKjcd On Sunday we'll get up early and (optionally) don summit/day packs hiking the 10 miles round trip to the peak of Mt. Langley at an elevation of 14026 ft. We will return to our campsite at Long Lake for the night and then on Monday morning we will get up and hike the 6 miles to the trail head and our cars. NOTE: There is likely to be snow on New Army Pass and on Mt Langley. It is recommended that you bring microspikes or crampons/ice axe if you plan to summit. This is BEAR country. Approved bear canisters are required. These can be rented from the ranger station and we can also share these 2 people to each full sized canister. Each participant in this backpacking trip must realize that they are responsible for their own safety while engaging in this activity. We will always strive to stay together but accidents can happen and each participant must be self-sufficient.

***San Bernardino Peaks*** Backpack

San Bernardino Peak Trail 1W07

PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE DESCRIPTION PRIOR TO SIGNING UP! *BACKPACKING EVENT* This is an overnight trip staying at Limberpine Bench Camp (9200'). Parking at the trailhead gets crowded! I recommend carpooling. WE'LL DEPART @ 7:00AM. The San Bernardino Trail is 6 MILES and 3K gain to camp. We will set-up camp, continue to Limber Springs for water and ascend the three miles to San Bernardino East (10690'). After a short break, we will return the same route one mile to San Bernardino Peak (10650'). Once descending we will stop by Washington Monument for a photo op, before returning to camp for the night. We will depart camp Sunday morning about 9am. ALL TEN ESSENTIALS and backpacking gear are required! This includes a bear canister. I RECOMMEND USING A WATER FILTER AT LIMBER SPRING. https://www.rei.com/learn/expert-advice/backpacking-checklist.html If you would like to join me, answer the questions upon RSVP. You must have a completed profile with a photo of yourself and hiking history. This event is considered beginner/intermediate. YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR SUPPLYING ALL OF YOUR OWN GEAR AND FOOD. ***BEAR CANISTERS ARE MANDATORY*** NO PLUS 1'S, NO GUESTS, NO DOGS ***10 BACKPACKERS ONLY*** I have the permit for 10 backpackers. *KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS* By signing up "Yes" for this hike, you acknowledge and agree that hiking and backpacking can be dangerous and involve risk. You are responsible for your own safety, well-being and actions. I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL GUIDE OR HIKER. This is simply an invitation to hike with me and fellow hikers. I reserve the right to accept or deny your RSVP for the safety of the group. BAD WEATHER OR UNSAFE CONDITIONS WILL CANCEL EVENT. "Going to the mountains is going home" John Muir

Little San G to Galena Peak Traverse!

Needs a location

Distance: 10 Miles +- EG: 5,100 +- This is a very advanced hike with over 3,000' of elevation gain coming in less than two miles. This is a mostly class 3 and 4 hikes with exposure at a couple of locations and requiring 30-40' of climbing over dry falls to Little San Gorgonio. And the traverse to the Galena is also mostly class 3 and 4 in some sections. I will have a small group for this hike. Please add your name to the waitlist if you really enjoy adventure and high places. If you haven't hiked with me before, please let me know if you are comfortable with exposures and EG of over 3,000' in less than 2 miles. MY WAIVER: Please do not sign up if following is not acceptable. Any outdoor activity can be challenging, fun, or a painful experience, often depending whom you are with, even deadly and more painful depending on you, your abilities, circumstances, a lack of judgment and sometimes just bad luck. Accidents happen. Any outdoor activity involves risk of injury or even death. Please do not sign up; if you are not comfortable with what you are doing, unwilling to take that risk, or if you think you don’t have the needed skills for the event. You are not participating in an event organized by trained outdoors people or medical professionals. No one is trained or paid to watch after your safety. You will be agreeing to take responsibility for yourself, your actions and not to hold organizer/group leader, participants, cooks, carpoolers or anyone liable but yourself by signing and/or showing up for this event. Please remember that if you are not capable to this event or you don’t know your limits and still sign up, you may not only put yourself in danger but also all the other participants who are going with you. You further agree to pay for any medical or legal cost involved in case of an injury to yourself and request your heirs to respect your agreed waiver in case of an injury or even death due to any reason, by signing up for this event. Please also note that I may exclude or include anyone at my own discretion. PS: Please make sure your Meetup Hiking profile info is filled. If I have never hiked with you and your profile does not tell about your past experiences and do not have a recognizable picture (needed for in case of emergencies), you will not make it from the wait-list to the RSVP'ed list. If it is a beginner or an easy hike your profile info does not make any difference. But, your profile info will help you to get into the advanced or expert events easier. Also, if you have no-show(s) in your profile or tend to change your mind to "not going" at the last minute, please don't sign up to my events.

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