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Don't believe in God? You are not alone! Join The Humanist Community of Central Ohio (HCCO), a community which values people, emphasizes reason and focuses on this world.

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Did you know? We're a lot more than just a Meetup! We're a democratic, membership-based community for humanists and other nontheists. You don't have to be a member to attend our events, but if you like what you see, please consider becoming a member. Visit http://www.hcco.org/join for details.

If you have any questions at all, please contact us at info@hcco.org.

Upcoming events (5+)

Values and Meaning Discussion and Potluck

Columbus Metropolitan Library - Whitehall Branch

The topic for Sep is humor. Anyone is welcome! But please be advised that since we'll consider some ethical implications of humor, we may discuss some pretty taboo instances of it. I plan on dividing the discussion into three main parts: 1) sharing funny experiences, jokes, etc. and reflecting on why they are funny, 2) the ethics of humor, and 3) the value and usefulness of humor. I expect these three parts to naturally overlap. My hope is that we will share and laugh together, and come away with a deeper understanding of the humor that touches our lives. In our daily interactions, it seems we don't often talk about some of the things that are most important to us. This is an event designed for reflecting upon and sharing values and themes that bear on our sense of meaning, such as friendship, to name just one example. Attendees will receive a handout containing an outline or summary, as well as follow up questions, leading to a structured discussion of the topic at hand. Everyone is encouraged to bring some food item. We will eat and mingle first, and then begin our discussion.

Fourth Sunday Brunch

Cornerstone Deli-Cafe

Much like the other Sunday brunches, join us for interesting conversation. The deli offers excellent coffee by Crimson Cup and a full range of short order menu items. Located on the corner of High St. and Longview Ave. in Clintonville. There is free parking on the north side of Longview, across from the deli.

ASH UU Topic: The Habitable Zone

First Unitarian Universalist Church

ASH is Atheist, Skeptics and Humanists of First Unitarian Universalists of Columbus Ohio OSU Professor Marc Pinnsoneault, dept of Astronomy, will talk to us on "The habitable zone: how many Earths are there?" Snacks are usually available, and you are welcome to bringing something to share!

Life After Belief Group - [Recovering From Religion]

The Hill's Residence

Who We Are: Life After Belief Groups meet for support, encouragement and growth on the process of living life without supernatural belief. Our core concerns are Community, Charting a New Course, Compassion and Coming Out. [Read more about these Core Passions below.] Many in this Secular Community Group are still in various stages of recovery from religion and are processing the feelings, thoughts and struggles of leaving a religious community behind. From those who are attending their first “secular/atheist” group ever and have fears and concerns of being “found out” to those who have been on this journey for a longer time. We are a Diverse and Inclusive Secular Community. Atheist, Humanist, Non-Religious, Agnostic, Free-Thinker, Anti-Theist, Spiritual But Not Religious, Naturist, Curious But Still with Some Faith, etc. From younger families to singles, from baby boomers to teenagers and kids, we are diverse and welcoming having those who identify as LGBTQ, Straight, Polyamorous, etc. Whatever identifier you choose, whatever stage you are in...you are welcome here! The RSVP is just for head count, so please feel free to join us without an RSVP as well. We have around 40 individuals in this group and most group nights we host around 10-20 people so the conversation can be voiced by all. Our children are[masked] years old and help out by providing childcare in our Basement Rec. Room, so don't let childcare stop you from attending, we have it covered! And yes...we welcome those that can't make it on time...so even if an hour late, drop in on us, we just enjoy having you there to share your thoughts and friendship. Meet-Up Location: Charles & Tiffany Hill's house in Hilliard, OH. 3090 Gilridge Drive - Hilliard, OH 43026 E-mail: [ [masked] or [masked]] Cell:[masked] - [Charles] _______________________________________________________ Recovering From Religion - Life After Belief Groups - Core Passions Community. To be a space where former religious individuals and families can find recovery, support, encouragement, friendships and a safe-place to discuss and live-out their new-found secular values that are no longer based on supernatural belief. To truly learn to care for one another and support each other through this journey of wonder we call life and to do this in community with others. Charting a New Course. To be a community where we learn from a broad-range of ideas, concepts and philosophies based on reason, rationality, science and other pursuits of knowledge as we form a new individualistic “world view.” We learn best in community and a broad-range of ideals as we seek out where our individual ideals/morals/worldview can find a starting point and hopefully continue to evolve as we seek our best selves in this life. We value your input and voice! Compassion. To be a place where we seek to model values of compassion, love and service as models of living a life of being "Good Without the Need for a God." We seek to make a difference in our world through acts of love, social justice, equality and compassion for those who are marginalized, discriminated against or find themselves in a place of needing basic physical necessities such as clothing, food, clean water, medicine or other needs of life that we ourselves enjoy. Coming Out. To be a space that will help those who choose to "come out" publicly deal with the issues that might come with this decision. Also, to support those who don't feel the need, desire or who are not ready yet to come out publicly to others. It’s your personal journey, and while some have “come out” many others have not, we are here to support you in this journey that many find difficult at times.

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