What we're about

From inspiration to action. This is a book club about books that can inspire improv and performance. As such, we will share our favorite quotes, try to identify three major themes, and then, get on our feet, and use the theories to create improvised scenes.

As this is improv, you don't have to have read the book - just be open to listen, learn and apply.

Possible books to have

"Impro" (Keith Johnstone)

"Improvise:Scene from the Inside Out" (Mick Napier)

"Training to Imagine" (Kat Koppett)

"Improv Wisdom" (Patricia Ryan)

"True and False" (David Mamet)

"Impro for Storytellers" (Johnstone)

"Truth in Comedy" (Del Close/Halperin)

"Free Play",

"Story" (Robert McKee)

"Blink" (Malcolm Gladwell)

"Steal like an Artist"

"Creating" (Fritz)

“Everything's an Offer”,

Act of Creation (Arthur Koestler)

Art by Committee (Charna Halperin)

Viola Spolin Theatre Games,

“Improvised Life” (Alan Arkin),

“Top Dog” (Po Bronson)

“The Improvisation Edge”

“Playful Parenting” (Cohen)

and the new Keith Johnstone biography.

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