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The Interstate Hiking Club i (http://interstatehikingclub.org/)s a medium sized hiking club that is affiliated with the NY/NJ Trail Conference and has been a trail maintaining club since 1931. Most of our activities are centered in the NY/NJ area. Some hikes, bicycle rides and canoe trips are farther away. Trips or events may just be for the day, or are sometimes for a week. Events seldom end at 12 Noon. You will almost always be hiking until after lunch. The end time is flexible. It depends on conditions and the speed of the group. Guests may attend 3 events before becoming members. IHC rules apply to participants that attend through meetup. Membership in IHC is $21 a year. Ask your leader about membership!

Hikes, bicycle rides and canoe trips generally are scheduled for every Sunday, and some Fridays and Saturdays, as day-long outings. They are graded by difficulty of terrain, distance and pace. The Hiking grades are: Easy: These hikes are 3 to 5 miles in length and should have no significant hills. Moderate: These hikes are 5 to 8 miles and may take up to 5 hours, including time for trail lunch. They should not generally have multiple long steep hills, and should be at a moderate pace. Moderately Strenuous: These hikes are 5 to 8 miles with multiple steep hills or 8 miles or more which are mostly flat walking. They can last up to 6 hours, including trail lunch. Pace to be moderate. Strenuous: Not for novices. Hikes are 8 miles or more and last 6 hours or more, including time for trail lunch. These may have many long steep hills and may be at a brisk pace. Most hikes get back about 3:30 in the afternoon. But that is not a certainty. Conditions may force an early end, or hikers may be slower than expected.

Be sure to bring enough water and a lunch too. Sturdy footwear is required. Contact the leader if in doubt. The leader may refuse any member or guest who the leader thinks is ill prepared for the trip. Dogs are not allowed on any IHC events. Sorry!

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Sterling Ridge South Hike and Maintenance

Greenwood Lake Turnpike

Bear Mtn Bridge to Graymoor

708 Rte 9W

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