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James River Hikers - Hiking With History takes pride in our reputation as a large welcoming community offering a variety of wholesome activities that will challenge, stimulate and entertain.

Want to explore Richmond's finest scenes, activities and venues with a community of nice local people who may become your new friends? If so, you'll love James River Hikers - Hiking With History.

Check out our calendar, and you'll find something for everyone. We do hikes, kayaking and other outdoor adventures, golf, history, lectures, social and sporting events, parties, karaoke, volunteering for the James River Park and much more.

While Event Organizers provide a framework for your Meetup experience, you are responsible for your own safety and well-being. By signing up for our Meetups, you acknowledge and agree that hiking, outdoor activities and any of our Meetups carry the risk of injury or even death, and that you accept those risks. Further, you understand and accept this disclaimer and agree not to bring any type of claim against the Event Organizers, James River Hikers or other participants.

Members are requested to not smoke during James River Hiker Meetups.

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Jan. 28th, 7:30 a.m. – Second! Pop's Market Hike of The Roaring 2020s

• What we'll do Join us on this second Pop's Hike of the new decade, still 8ish miles, with the usual near-the-end stop for food and fun socializing at Pop's Market. From W. 7th St. near Legend Brewing Co., we'll take the Buttermilk Trail a short distance west to the pedestrian bridge over the railroad tracks, from there descending to the path under the Manchester Bridge to the western flood wall. We'll cross the James on Mayo's Bridge, then head east along the canal walk to Dock St. We'll take 25th St. up to East Main. After a few blocks farther east, we'll ascend to Libby Hill Park and go on to circle Chimborazo Park. On the far side of the park, we'll cross East Broad and follow it to 27th Street, head north to M. St., taking it west to 21st St. and Jefferson Park. Descending to Shockhoe Bottom, we'll head up East Broad, go through the Virginia State Capitol grounds. A few more blocks on East Grace will take us to Pop's Market (the 6.3-ish mile mark) for those of us who wish to share Pop's tempting fare. From Pop's, we'll take 5th St. south to a pedestrian bridge crossing Kanawha Canal to Brown's Island. And at not-so-long last, we'll recross the James on the T. Tyler Potterfield pedestrian bridge and head up a flight of many metal stairs to return to our starting point. • What to bring Bring plenty of water. Bring a snack. Bring your sense of humor. • Important to know We will depart no later than 7:30 a.m., and earlier if everyone is present. Be early! Should someone wish to stop to photograph nature or answer its call, we'll stop. This won't be a stroll; our pace will be brisk, e.g., 2.5 or more mph. Please know your limits and be able to keep up.

Jan 28, 9am ~ Hike With or Without Dogs

Joseph Bryan Park

You are invited to walk with dogs in Joseph Bryan Park. Of course, those without dogs are welcome, as well! This will be a leisurely, moderately paced walk of 3 - 4 miles. There are paved roads and maintained trails. You should be able to negotiate tree roots, small rocks, weeds, and the occasional downed tree limb. There are a couple of paved, mildly steep, not too long hills. Dogs must remain on leash at all times. No retractable leashes, please. Bring water for your dog, and bags to clean up after them. HOW TO FIND US: We meet at the parking lot across the street from Shelter #1. How to get there? Go on the main road into the park, cross a short stone bridge; after that you veer RIGHT at each intersection until you get to a parking lot on your right. Meet in that parking lot. BRING: water, bug spray, sun screen, and if it’s chilly bring a jacket, gloves, and a bag for your dogs clean up. HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE: Joseph Bryan Park was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2002.

Jan 28, 1:00 pm Tuesday Bowling at King Pin Lanes

King Pin Lanes Inc

Even if it’s been a long time since you’ve last bowled you should join us at King Pin Lanes from 1-3 pm for some fun bowling. Please plan to arrive by 12:50pm as we start bowling promptly at 1:00!! Games are $2 each. Rental shoes cost $2/pair. It’s up to you to decide how many games you’d like to play - most of us play three games but it’s your choice. Meet adjacent to the Main Counter. Just tell the cashier you’re with the Meetup Group, pick up your shoes, then find a ball that fits and isn’t too heavy, and walk over to the lanes reserved for us. Once everyone arrives we’ll get the names into the computers, introduce one another and begin bowling. For more info on King Pin Lanes visit: http://king-pin-lanes.com/ While your event hosts are providing a framework for your MeetUp bowling experience, you are responsible for your own safety and well-being. By signing up for this event, you acknowledge and agree that even bowling can carry the risk of injury or even death, and that you accept those risks. Further, you understand and accept this disclaimer, and agree not to bring any type of claim related to this event against the event hosts or other participants.

Jan. 28, 6 pm: HS Girls basketball Highland Springs vs Hanover

Highland Springs High School

The undefeated #8 (10 - 0) Lady Hawks of Hanover visit the #1 (11 - 1) Lady Springers of Highland Springs.

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Jan 27, 6:45 PM - Acts of Faith Theatre Preview

Glen Allen Cultural Arts Center

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