Dev@LDZ + JUG Łódź: CQRS dla każdego + Legacy Code is Fear

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18:15-19:15 - CQRS dla każdego - Maciej Aniserowicz

19:30-20:30 - Legacy Code is Fear (EN) - Adrian Bolboaca

CQRS dla każdego

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Legacy Code is fear

Legacy code is fear because we fear the unknown. Learn what you need to learn in order to be less scared about legacy code during this talk.


This will be a presentation about how you can work fast and safe with existing code. I will present the problem of working with legacy code and some of the solutions I know.

You are a programmer. Someone from the company comes with an idea to add a feature and they are sure this new feature is very easy to add. And it should be. But the code is old. The code is a mess. Nobody in the firm knows any more that part of the system. You need to change that ugly piece of code. You are afraid that you might introduce defects. Legacy code is fear.

During this talk we will discuss a Mantra Against Fear that will consist of the attitude, the tools and the techniques you can use to work fast and safe with existing code. You will learn how you can apply agile software development to messy ugly code.

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