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A place for the Israeli Javascript community to share best practices, new frameworks and efficient tools in order to write cleaner and better code in less time.

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Details * TypeScript Metadata * The Anatomy of a Click * Event Sourcing In Node.js * Offline-First Patterns for PWA's ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ PLEASE UPDATE YOUR RSVP IF YOU CAN'T COME!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SCHEDULE 18:00 - 18:30- Mingle and Talk. Maybe even get a sticker ~ 18:30 - 19:10- TypeScript Metadata: Build your own Dependency Injection & Class Validator - Daniel Krom ~ 19:15 - 19:40- The Anatomy of a Click - Benjamin Gruenbaum ~ 19:45 - 20:10- Event Sourcing In Node.js - Tamar Twena ~ 20:15 - 20:40- Offline-First Patterns for Progressive Web Apps - Eli Zehavi ~ 20:40 - Raffle of 3 Free Webstorm Licenses! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ TypeScript Metadata: Build your own Dependency Injection & Class Validator (Daniel Krom) Typescript compiles to JavaScript and has zero impact on runtime, is it? When we write Nest \ Angular we have this magical dependency injection, we declare the type of the dependency at the constructor and get an instance of that type in runtime! Our TypeScript type has become a JavaScript runtime instance. Let’s see how does it work, build our own DI and see how can we take advantage of TS metadata programming ~~ Daniel Krom, Principal Software Engineer @ Palo Alto Networks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Anatomy of a Click (Benjamin Gruenbaum) What actually happens when you click your mouse in your browser window? In this talk you'll take a deep dive into how your web browser works and what actually happens when a mouse is clicked. You will also take a deep dive into what browsers do, how events work internally and why. Benjamin will go through how web automation tools like Puppeteer and Selenium simulate user actions, when that goes wrong and why. Ideally at the end of the talk you will have a much deeper understanding of how browsers dispatch events and could utilize that knowledge to write better front-end code. ~~ Benjamin Gruenbaum, Developer @ Testim.io. Open source lover, Node.js core collaborator, core team at Bluebird, Sinon, MobX and other open source libraries. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Event Sourcing In Node.js (Tamar Twena) The overall amount of data that our servers has to handle continue to grow every year, as servers need to handle more and more traffic. As such , event sourcing patterns become more useful to handle the load. . Node.js servers need to scale and handle more and more traffic, and combining event sourcing patterns becomes a tool which is good to master. In this talk I would like to talk about the different architecture patterns to implement event sourcing in your Node.js server and what architecture can fit to every case. ~~ Tamar Twena, a software manager and an architect, currently at Palo Alto Networks. Speaks at international conf's around the world about Node.js and JavaScript in general. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Offline-First Patterns for Progressive Web Apps (Eli Zehavi) Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) are here with wide support by modern browsers (mobile & desktop). Becoming a PWA should be fundamental for every web application wishes to give its users the best user experience of the web. One of the core concepts of PWAs is to think offline-first. Let's see what does it mean and which patterns we need to embrace with real-world examples of a React web-app. ~~ Eli Zehavi, Software Architect @ Palo Alto Networks. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ OUR SPONSORS Big thanks to Minute Media! https://www.minutemedia.com/careers And Whitesource for sponsoring as well! With their help, we can record a video of the sessions. See ya soon :)

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