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Why JewFFFrs?

We want to nosh and shmooze with like-minded Jews. We're interested in meeting secular, cultural Jews who enjoy a good meal, a good story, and great conversation with good company. That's why we're doing monthly events we're calling Diaspora Dining and Movie Club.

Diaspora Dining is attending San Diego area restaurants to get the character, history, and flavor of countries where Jews have lived. Each month we pick a different restaurant and one person gives a brief overview of the history and life experience of Jews in that country. It's a delicious and fun way to feel connected with our Mishpocha (cultural family).

We're also looking for humanistic Jews who enjoy viewing films that make a statement that upholds human dignity. The topics can be focused narrowly on Jewish culture or broadly on humanistic values of happiness, equality, and social justice. Movies attended are in public theaters or private homes. The best part is the stimulating discussion among members that inevitably follows the film.

This group is non-religious and open to anyone interested in supporting the Jewish people. We choose to learn about the culture, history, values, and personalities of Jews who created a way of life that exists beyond the religious practice of Judaism.

Guidelines for Joining

We're about making connections with other San Diego Cultural Jews. So we ask for a recognizable face photo of you, rather than a symbol for your profile. Members can bring guests who want to try us out, but they must join before coming to a second event. We need you to provide us his/her name for attendance purposes and so we can provide them a name tag.

We're a non-profit group and charge dues to cover annual Meetup website fees, materials, supplies, and incidentals. It's free to sign up for the group, but annual dues must be paid before attending an event. Your membership year begins the day you sign up for this Meetup group.Dues are not refundable.

Remaining a member

We encourage you to participate and build the secular Jewish community in San Diego. If you have not attended an event for six months, we'll send you a message encouraging you to participate. You will be dropped from the group if you do not reply within 14 days.

Also, if you have made an RSVP and realize you can't attend an event, let us know ASAP so we can release others from the waiting list to come. No Jewish Guilt allowed ~~ just communicate with us. Members who have two instances not showing up and not communicating ("NO SHOW") will be dropped.

Upcoming events (3)

Virtual Film & Discussion

Online event

We've been enjoying our virtual film/theater discussions, and the Meetup for August 16 should be another winner. The film is "24 Jours" (24 Days), a French thriller based on a true incident. (Thank you, Ronit, for the suggestion.) The film from 2016 covers a kidnapping and torture in 2006 of Ilan Halimi, a 23 year old French Jewish man, and the drama and horror his family goes through as the police try to locate him. It begins and ends with the voice of his mother, who wrote the book upon which the film is based. The story is not for the faint of heart, but will open up a conversation at many levels. The movie is currently available on Amazon Prime video and can be rented there for those who don't subscribe for $3.99. You'll have to buy your own popcorn and beverage, too. (: Remember to RSVP here in order to get access to the Zoom meeting waiting room. If you invite a guests, privately email Beverly with their login name so I can let them in, unless you are sharing a screen.

Virtual Diaspora Dining

Online event

(The above picture shows some attendees at the first JewFFFr Meetup at Soltan Banoo Persian restaurant in 2015.) The Jewish community of Iran has deep roots, which we will hear about at our upcoming Diaspora Dining Meetup via Zoom. On Sunday, September 13 at noon Gary will share his research on Persian Jewish history and culture. You'll be able to listen and socialize with your JewFFFr friends in the comfort of your own home. A great way to spend a Sunday afternoon! As our planning progresses for this event, you can plan the Iranian menu you'll enjoy at home to enhance your enjoyment of this culture. Fortunately many Persian restaurants are available for take-out; you'll find them listed online. You must RSVP for this event in order to be let into the meeting from the Zoom waiting room. If you are inviting a guest, add them to your RSVP number. Then privately email Beverly with his/her log-in name, unless you are sharing screens. We'll send out a reminder to you once we are closer to the event date.

Virtual Film/Play and Discussion

Online event

So much streaming of movies and plays; so little time! We hope you will make time on Sunday, October 18, at 2:00 PM to socialize and talk about the movie or play we've chosen to all watch. The way it works is you view the film or play we've chosen on your own schedule, then login to Zoom for our discussion. Your help in researching options are appreciated! We've found that most people have Netflix and Amazon for streaming. We have also been successful watching plays to support local San Diego theaters. We will look forward to hearing from you. You will have to RSVP here in order to be let into the Zoom meeting from the waiting room. If you want to invite a friend, add them to your RSVP number and privately message Beverly with their login name. (Not necessary if you are sharing a screen.)

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