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See new SECRET PLACES in London, places that you might not otherwise have reason to visit?

EVERYONE IS WELCOME TO JOIN KEN'S WALKS, a friendly group of walkers (Over 23,000 Members) mainly featuring WALKS in all the green parts of London (in places you have probably never heard of) and surrounding countryside and coastal towns. Change your life (physical health and mental health) dramatically for the better!!

YOU CAN JOIN KEN'S EVENTS FOR FREE and just pay a contribution for each event attended!!!

THERE IS NO JOINING FEE. INSTEAD FROM JANUARY 1st 2023 THERE WILL BE A COLLECTION OF A £5 CONTRIBUTION FOR EACH WALKING EVENT in LONDON ATTENDED (known as the 'pay as you go' option) OR YOU CAN PURCHASE A KEN'S EVENTS CARD (only £25 for a full 12 months validity from date of purchase, (known as the 'season ticket' and equivalent to only £2.08 pence per month), thus allowing you to save loads of money if you come to more than 5 walks a year!

Social Events: Our walks are social walks, where the emphasis is on meeting new people, enjoying nature, healthy exercise, and fresh air. Our walks are not interrupted with running commentaries or historical lectures, although occasionally features of significance may be pointed out. As such our walks will be continuous with few stops and it is your responsibilty to keep walkers ahead in view and to follow the direction of the walk. We always end the walk at a pub with a convivial atmosphere where the socialising can continue. Be sure to join us in the pub for the whole experience!

If weekday and evening walks are your thing, then you should also join Ken's Weekday and Evenings Walking Group. Click here for more information. 




You can buy a 'Kens Events' card online through Paypal or by cash at most events. Please note that although Paypal is used for on-line payment, you do not need a Paypal account, just a credit or debit card.  Click on this link to get a Card.  Now just bring your e-mail receipt to your next event and you will be given the Card in exchange. 
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KEN'S EVENTS arranges events, or makes arrangements to join third party events, for the enjoyment of Members and Guests. All of these events could be arranged by individuals themselves or attended by any individual on their own. However Ken's Events makes life easy for you by taking the hard work out of the organisation of these events and additionally provides you with the opportunity to meet new people and attend these events in the company of a friendly group of people. However please note that:

Participation in Ken's Events activities is strictly voluntary and members and guests assume all risks in connection with these activities. Therefore you are not permitted to attend any Ken's Events unless you agree to and comply with the following;

  • Your accept that your safety at any event is solely your own responsibility.

    * You represent that you are fully fit and thus able to walk for 12 miles (walking events), and have in your possession any medication that you currently take.

    *You do not require any special attention, additional needs or special duty of care.

    * You are over 18 years of age.

  • By attending any event you agree that the organiser, CO Hosts, Event Hosts, or other participants of Ken's Events are not responsible or liable for the safety of any member, or any member’s guests.

  • As an attendee of Ken's Events you agree and fully understand that outdoor activities can involve certain additional risks, hazards, and dangers to health and life. You agree and accept that you alone are responsible for assessing whether or not it is safe to cross roads, bridges, continue along pathways, lanes, roads, country trails, forest trails, and across parks, forests and open countryside.

  • As an attendee of Ken's Events you agree and fully understand than any travel/transition to an event or from an event or between events is entirely at the member's or attendee's own risk, and you cannot hold Ken's Events, Organisers, Co. Hosts, or Event Hosts liable for damages.

  • As a member of or attendee at Kens Events, you agree to HEREBY: RELEASE, WAIVE, DISCHARGE AND COVENANT, Kens Events, organisers, Co Hosts,Event Hosts, and its members/or participants in any activities from liability or to hold them in any way responsible for any injuries, accidents or other incidents or other problems relating to your person or personal property.

  • Kens Events reserves the right to update and make changes to this disclaimer at any time.

    Please also be aware that this disclaimer includes, incorporates and applies, where relevant, the whole of's term of service agreement which specifically says that members join Meetup and attend all Meetups at their own risk and cannot hold or its organisers and other members liable for damages.

    Notice of Risks for all walks: You need to be moderately fit for this walk and able to walk for at least 8 miles. This walk is suitable for the average experienced hill walker. Expect some hills. Do not attend this walk if you do not fit that description or if you have a medical condition (especially heart and/or lung conditions) that may impact upon your capability of completing the walk.
    These walks are city walks and countryside walks where all the usual risks of injury during such walks apply resulting from interactions with road traffic, joggers, cyclists, e-scooters,other members of the public, animals (farm, domestic and wild), plants (allergic reactions), uneven surfaces, including portruding tree roots and potholes and there may be low overhanging branches.
    In these walks we cross busy roads, use towpaths alongside water, bridlepaths, country lanes and sometimes ill defined paths and tracks through woodland, bush and countryside. Some tracks may be muddy and slippery, and conditions may be wet and icy.
    The walk leader is not and does not purport to be a professional guide, or a medical professional, but is instead a like minded individual who also enjoys hill walking and who is familiar with the intended route.
    Do not attend these walks unless you accept and consent to the above risks. If you require insurance for these walks then you must arrange this yourself.


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