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Memorandum for all women in this group
Hi. Meeting new people (strangers) can be scary, intimidating, and challenging. Those who use the Meetup site/app should be commended for being open to making new friends. However, sometimes a few individuals ruin this experience for others. Earlier today (July 18, 2018), a group member contacted me about a guy who contacted her. Other women (this year and previous years) have informed me of unwanted messages from guys and this is frustrating and disappointing. Last month, someone else told me she left our group and decided to only be in women's groups because of a bad experience with a guy. It's unfortunate when women leave our group or are afraid of attending an event in trepidation of weird, creepy, and thirsty guys. If any woman receives unwanted / inappropriate messages from anyone, please feel free to let me know so that we can kick them out of the group. If someone you don't know contacts you, chances are, he might bother other women, and such individuals aren't welcome in our group. You can also block them: You can also report them to Meetup (via [masked]) and hopefully they get banned: If you use a photo, one idea is to completely remove your photo entirely or use an unattractive pic of yourself, or use a photo that includes your husband/boyfriend. For those in the group related to volunteering / community service: If a guy contacts you about meeting you or carpooling, I trust you will be smart, vigilant, and careful. Please feel free to ignore (or politely decline) anyone who wants to meet you or carpool with you. However, if you do want to ride with someone, thank you for being cautious and judicious (e.g. ask to look at their driver's license, take a photo of their license plate, take a photo of them and text it to a family member/friend before you get into their vehicle, etc.). If a guy turns out to be a crazy stalker, contact your local police department and ask them to call him and hopefully that'll scare him away. Lastly, if any of you ladies want to plan a women's-only event, please feel free to organize something. My days of paying for this group are coming to an end. I feel guilty for not bringing more people together, and I sincerely hope some of you can make new friends before I delete this group, so please feel free to plan a women's only event or any other demographic-based / geographic-based event of your choosing. Thank you. Cheers.

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