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Learn Tai Chi at Highland Park - Beginners Welcome
Hooray! We are practicing outside for the summer season again! Please see the map and directions on how to find the group. You will want to park near the reservoir and walk up the sidewalk to the top of the hill to the overlook area. Every week we do some different warmups , a review of some Qigong exercises , and move to learning the full Tai Chi Easy 5 and 9 sets. Should be fun for first timers and all the rest too! Sessions are offered free of charge. Please consider dropping a dollar or two into the donation bowl at the end of the session to show your support. All donations go to group expenses. These sessions start with gentle stretching and flow exercises, moving into some Qigong (energy cultivation) and relaxation practice. We then move onto the core Tai Chi teaching - learning individual moves and putting them together into a simple Tai Chi "form". We try to split the group after warmups into beginners and the more practiced so people can continue to learn and develop. Sessions tend to go a little past 7:40 , so there is time for some socializing after the practice. Everyone is welcome to drop by after for a glass of wine or your favorite beverage - Orbs just closed so we will pick a new location. Top 10 reasons to learn and practice Tai Chi ( Feel free to contact me , Lee Hurst , with any questions!

Highland Botanical Park

180 Reservoir Avenue · Rochester, NY

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We all want to have less stress, more resilience, better vitality. We need more alternatives on the path to promoting our own individual health and the wellness of our community. Learning Tai Chi can give you practice that you can start at any age and continue to cultivate throughout life! The intention of this group is to give you a place to start, try things out and see if this is a practice for you to continue. The current plan has two parts: First, offer regular sessions that are open to total beginners throughout the summer in our beautiful parks. This will be a fun introduction and a way to start to build a practice. The other part is to invite teachers from some of the many established institutions to demonstrate. They will introduce us to what Rochester has to offer for those who want to deepen and broaden their practice. These type of practices are too beneficial not to share! There is already a free session on Wednesday's that has been running since April. Are you ready to try it out?

Is there anything I need to sign? I know some clubs have liability forms and such.
Tai Chi is generally considered a safe and effective gentle activity and can be modified so people in virtually any condition can participate. However .....
Please re-read’s terms of service, especially section 6. You agreed to it in order to use this site. You may not have read it, but you had to check the box that said you did. In general, section 6 says if an organizer or any member places a event on the calendar and you get injured or something at it, it’s your own fault. If you can’t live with that, this group isn’t for you.

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