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It's a new location for our Sunday Belmar chess meetup! Come out and play some fun casual games at the Starbucks at Wadsworth and Ellsworth (between Alameda and 1st Avenue), in the Fairfield Commons Shopping Center. No cost to attend, other than supporting the shop as a thank you for allowing us to play there. No lessons will be taught at these meetups; see our Saturday events for more information on lessons. Blitz and slow games will be played, clocks optional but not necessary at all. So if you're looking for another chance to play some chess, here it is!


92 Wadsworth Blvd · Lakewood, CO

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This group offers something for every current and future chess player, regardless of skill level. We welcome everyone of all ages, from beginner to grandmaster!

For those new to the game, wanting to return to it, or who want their children to learn the game, I offer group instruction at the rate of $5 per person per lesson. Through a series of three two-hour lessons, I take you through all the basics on an interactive wall demonstration board (you do not need to bring your own board and set, but you are welcome to if it helps you learn better) and provide accompanying handouts for each lesson. Lessons are offered at our Saturday at 3 pm meetups, happening once or twice per month at Fluid Coffee Bar (501 E. 19th Avenue). Please check the "Upcoming Meetups" link on the main page for the full event schedule, as these meetups are generally posted a few weeks in advance. Each lesson builds off of the previous one, so new members need to take the lessons in order from 1 to 3 to get the most out of my instruction. Please arrive promptly by 3 pm so we can get started.

In addition to the beginners' lessons, we feature open play at these Saturday meetups, where more experienced players can play casual and friendly games against each other while I am teaching the newer players. Members play both blitz and untimed games here, though we do not offer rated games.

We also have several other recurring meetups on the calendar. We've got one on the 1st and 3rd Wednesday of each month at 7 pm at Coffee at The Point (710 E. 26th Avenue), along with our newest ones in Lakewood every other Sunday morning and in northwest Denver every Monday night. Lessons are not offered at any of these other events, but many players are willing to help and analyze during games. We have players ranging from beginner to USCF Master in the group, so there will always be people at a similar level to you. If you come for games, please try to bring a board and set (and clock if desired, though one is not necessary) so that we have enough for everyone.

Whether you are new to the game, played it long ago, or have been playing for years, chess can be a lifelong hobby. I have taught chess for over 20 years here in Colorado and I am willing to discuss individual lessons for you and/or your children. Come join us for a game - it's your move!

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