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What we’re about

The Lehigh Valley Psychedelic Society is a community committed to educating, providing resources, and connecting those interested in psychedelics, spirituality, and healing.

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If you are interested in the following, this group is right for you:
- Psychedelic research
- Integration circles
- Consciousness exploration
- Healing & self-development
- Activism and policy for psychedelic assisted therapy/decriminalization
- Spiritual connection
- Shamanism & plant-medicine
- Building friendships
- Breaking the stigma associated with psychedelics
- Making a positive impact
Whether you are experienced or inexperienced with psychedelics, we welcome anyone who is open minded to attend and meet like-minded individuals.

What to expect:
Meetings will include a mix of integration circles, social gatherings, educational talks, community events, and more. If you are passionate about psychedelics, we welcome you to facilitate and host a session on your own topic of interest.

For questions please contact:


- The Lehigh Valley Psychedelic Society is a safe space to discuss psychedelics. It is NOT a space to indulge, solicit, exchange, or sell psychedelics or other illegal substances. Any member who does not follow these rules will be asked to leave. Please respect the space.

- We are not allied with any particular teacher, school, spiritual practice, or cultural tradition.

- We support diversity and inclusion. We welcome all genders, sexual orientations, spiritual practices, races, etc.