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Mindfulness and Well Being with Pranayama - Monday, 7-8 pm
We lovingly invite you to join us in this class to explore how Pranayama can improve your life and enhance your vital energy. Nitin will be teaching you several breathing exercises that you can incorporate into your daily practice. A significant number of others who have taken this class have reported how Pranayama has given them a tool to address stress, find more clarity and energy in their day to day life. Pranayama (breathing exercises) is the 4th limb of yoga and is now gaining lot of attention in the clinical world due to its positive impact on our physical,emotional and mental health. As per Harvard medical school, deep breathing exercises(pranayama) are the go to technique to activate one’s relaxation response. These practices are intended to maintain optimum health—with particular emphasis on stress reduction, detoxification of the body and calming our mind. "Here are some of the evidence based benefits of Pranayama” 1. Detoxification of the body 2. Improved digestive and eliminatory system 3. Improved Cardiac & Nervous system 4. Reduction In stress 5. Greater concentration 6. Increase energy levels 7. Muscle relaxation 8. Lower/stabilized blood pressure There is no charge for the class as it is a gift of service from the Imagine community trusting you might offer an act of service and the world is change one person, family and community at a time! Nitin Dogra has been practicing pranayama(breath therapy), mindfulness and restorative yoga since 2008.He has used the techniques to aid his healing journey with very serious chronic Eczema(skin condition). These practices have been a significant part of restoring Nitin to health without use of any medication. Nitin started a community called the Living Well project within AT&T where he works to share these skills with others. His community started with 6 people and has expanded to 2000 people. In 2015 he was awarded the “Do One Thing” Champion award by AT&T and was also one of top 10 speakers at AT&T TEDx event in 2016. Nitin has now expanded the “Living Well Project” to the larger Northern Virginia community with one mantra "I am here to share". You can also check out his website for more

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Imagine Well Being

Imagine is a gift to the community to cultivate well-being at no charge for any events or classes.
All that we offer falls within the framework of the clinical, evidenced-based work of experts in mind/body wellness.

We believe that evidenced based contemplative practices creates more calmness and inner awareness in mind, body and soul.

We offer mindful yoga, meditation workshops and classes, hiking with meditation, forest soaking, mindful spirituality conversation groups, interfaith exploration, science learning, service opportunities, and much more.

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