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Family Constellations - A Tool for Self Exploration - Workshop

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This workshop is a unique, powerful and experiential method for self exploration. Issue Holder (client) and Representative (participant) Spaces available.

What is Constellations?
Constellations is a unique and deep process of therapeutic exploration of the forces that move us in life, and as such can be reflected through relationships, career, health matters or even financial circumstances. This method provides a three-dimensional picture or ‘map’ of one’s life as it is at present. It is a simple yet powerful way to explore entanglements and blockages in one’s life and in one’s family history. The method brings awareness and clarity into personal challenges by focusing the client on the root cause of such difficulties. Constellations provide an opening for a positive life shift and presents ways for deep healing processes to occur.

What happens in a Constellations sessions?
In Constellations work a ‘client’ is referred to as the ‘issue holder’. The method uses workshop participants as ‘representatives’ to stand-in for key people in the client’s life such as family members, colleagues, partners, ex partners etc. sometimes ‘abstract’ concepts such as an emotion, country of origin, religion or ‘destiny’ are also represented. Each workshop will offer 2 issue holders a chance to work and all other participants are invited to take part as representatives. Workshop participants often report experiencing profound insights into their own lives by simply witnessing the process, regardless of how they choose to take part.

Why Does This Work?
Science confirms: The experiences of your ancestors can determine your behaviour today and effect future generations.* Recent scientific research into DNA shows that a component named Epigenetic is embedding the effect of a traumatic experience by altering the genetic structure. This means that some of your behaviour patterns can be attributed to a traumatic event in your family history. This notion has always been one of the guiding principles of Constellations Therapy, a form of work that is dedicated to exposing and dealing with issues emerging from our family system.

“It is only now that science is catching-up with what is evident in Constellations work and visible in each and every one of our therapy sessions; trauma in the family history directly affects future generations” said C.h.a.i.m Centre’s Constellations Facilitator Illi Adato.

About the Group Sessions
This small and intimate group Constellation workshop is running monthly at The C.H.A.I.M. Centre in Willesden Green and other venues around London. It is a journey of self-exploration and trauma healing. Working through the unseen conditioning one can be trapped in for many years.

An optional personal one-to-one counselling can be combined with the group work.

Our group provide a safe space where deep personal work is done and where maintaining confidentiality and respect of each other's privacy is paramount.

There are 3 Issue Holder (client) spaces per workshop for people who would like to have their own constellations done.

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Facilitated by Illi Adato MA Lon. Inst. GQHP. Crt(HYP). Crt(COACH). Master Prc. NLP. | Constellations Therapy | Hypnotherapy | Tune-In Coaching | Advanced NLP Therapeutic Specialist™ |

10a Station Parade Willesden Green NW2 4NH · London
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