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Welcome to the London, Ontario Salesforce User Group!

Here, you will find a group of inspired professionals who gather together to discuss all things Salesforce. Whether you are a new user, seasoned Admin, or still in the exploratory phase, our group offers a comfortable space to share questions, ideas and inspiration. Anyone using or interested in the Salesforce platform is welcome. Come on out, enjoy some food, drinks and networking!

Our topics are highly driven by community engagement. We cover subjects relating to the Salesforce User, Admin, Developer as well as info about Third-Party tools, add-ons and upcoming releases. Have an idea? We want to hear from you. If there is an area of Salesforce you'd like us to explore, please connect with us!

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Reaching Millions on the AppExchange, and the tools to get you there.

Meet Up -- London Salesforce User Group: Monday March 25th 5:30pm - 7:30pm @ The London Roundhouse Reaching millions on the AppExchange, and the tools to help you do it. Three topics for this meetup, presented by our friends at OSG, InfoTech and TechShare. Topic #1: Reaching Millions on the AppExchange by Greg Thomson from OSG. The Salesforce AppExchange drives over $2 billion in sales a year to their partners. Follow the steps required to get an app on the AppExchange with a hands-on walk-through of the publisher platform, security review, and a real-world application to follow along with. Salesforce adoption continues to grow at a high rate, and there are still plenty of opportunities to develop the next big app. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic #2: The tools to drive enterprise level development on Salesforce by Dave Hestesi from TechShare. Dave will introduce us to an array of tools to make your heavy lifting in Salesforce development a little easier and more streamlined. From the development IDE, to deployment tools to source control, this overview will help new devs get the lay of the land, and likely spark conversation between experienced devs around best of breed tools and techniques. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Topic #3: Salesforce CPQ (Cost, Price, Quote) by Amanda Watson from InfoTech Research Group. Over this past year InfoTech had the goal of standardizing the format of, and improving reporting on, their sales proposals. To achieve this goal, InfoTech evaluated and implemented Salesforce CPQ with a partner. Join us as Amanda walks us through InfoTech's experience, highlighting why they chose Salesforce CPQ and what they learned throughout the project. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- We look forward to seeing everyone! Next Event: Tentatively Monday, May 6th will be our next event at InfoTech.

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