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This is a group for people who want to want to live well, be healthy and energetic, and want the best possible quality sleep to enable that. We'll explore ways of improving sleep and relaxation that are nurturing and effective. I was a long term chronic insomniac. I chipped away at my poor sleep over decades, but only in the last few years became confident about it. It is still new and exciting to realise that I CAN SLEEP - can go to bed knowing that I will wake up in the morning with energy. I'm co-developer of the Zeez Sleep Pebble, designed to prompt our brain to sleep well. The Zeez Pebble was part of my recovery, and it, as well as the things I learnt about our brain and body whilst developing it will be part of these meet ups, and we will look at and experience all sorts of things that affect and can improve our sleep, and share our sleep stories.

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How to slow down your brain and sleep- Talk


Sleep seminar with Anna McKay and Simone Plaut

Somali Road, London, NW2 3RL


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