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Let's Meetup For Bi-Monthly Thursdays
WELCOME Writers! In this Meetup we want to be as productive as we can be. Our goal is to inspire you to achieve your goals. W want to encourage you to write! Bring your laptops, pencil, paper or whatever gets your creative juices flowing and come prepared to: 1. Write your own work. 2. Critique someones work who may ask for it. 3. Get information on Publishing/Writing. 4. Get inspired by one of our writing prompts. Be prepared to share what project you're working on. We have authors who write novels, who blog, who write scripts, and basically all fields of this industry. READ THE BETA READERS GUIDELINES on our message boards BEFORE COMING. Please visit for your opportunity to contribute as one of Lone Star Writers Club members. This is a public blog. NO politics unless that's what you currently are proposing as your writing. No foul language, let's keep it clean. EVERYONE is a contributor who wants to be. Let's share thoughts, opinions, editorials and ideas as we support each other. CONTACT me immediately and I will add you to "contributor" to the site ASAP. ONE FINAL NOTE: This writers group is an intimate group of like minded individuals with one common gift. The love of writing. If you're wanting a group that sits, and doesn't communicate, this is probably not the group for you. We're about developing friendships, along with support through communication for writing, editing, promoting all the way to publishing. If you want to be inspired, and meet a great group of people where you will belong simply by just being yourself this is the group for you. I hope you consider joining us! Take care, Rebecca Nietert Author of Heart of Gold, Chasing Fairytales and now Provocative Confessions. Chief cook, taxi driver and domestic engineer. Overall weird kook who's present and honest.

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Good morning authors/writers/bloggers! For those of you who have not met me, or do not know me, my name is Rebecca Nietert. I am a licensed (NSA) Speaker, a published author, a Small Press Publisher and an award winning blogger. I created the LONE STAR WRITERS CLUB locally in the DFW area. After founding a successful Bayou Writer's Club in Mandeville, Louisiana it was my passion to continue the movement here in DFW. I created this Meetup those authors who wish to communicate with each other, inspire others and obtain more information on how they can become traditionally published. We also HAVE A LONE STAR WRITER'S BLOG that any one of our approved authors can access and write on: (

Recently my Small Press was listed through Publisher's Weekly and is available to authors globally. We publish first time authors and authors wishing to publish outside of the NY big 5. To learn more about us visit: .

I also teach a class on How to Write/Publish/Market your book to a digital world and earn a living doing it.

To learn more about me check out one of my listed links. or To purchase on of my books please visit me on GOODREADS for over 100+ 5 star reviews. ( ).

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