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Good morning authors/writers/bloggers! For those of you who have not met me, or do not know me, my name is Rebecca Nietert. I am a licensed Professional Speaker, a Published Author, a Publisher, a Publicist, and an award-winning blogger. I created the LONE STAR WRITERS CLUB locally in the DFW area. After founding a successful Bayou Writer's Club in Mandeville, Louisiana it was my passion to continue the movement here in DFW. I created this Meetup for those authors who wish to engage in meaningful discussions with each other, inspire others, and obtain more information on how they can become traditionally published.

LONE STAR WRITER'S BLOG that any one of our approved authors can access and write on:
https://lonestarwritersclub.wordpress.com (https://lonestarwritersclub.wordpress.com/)

www.AuthorEnterprise.com is a Publishing Partnership company. This platform is a fairly new model combining the positives from the pay-to-publish approach, such as greater author control, keeping 100% of your profits, and shorter production time, along with the expertise of seasoned professionals to guide you through the publishing process. Click here to learn more.. (https://www.authorenterprise.com/publishing).

I have several "meetup groups." One of which is AuthorEnterprise and as such I list all fairs and festivals, Texas-wide events as well as national or international conferences and workshops. Please consider visiting https://www.meetup.com/authorenterprise/ and joining for most of the author information you can get on one site.

For instructional videos from creation to promotion please visit my site's blog at: https://www.authorenterprise.com/blog. To learn more about me check out my personal blog. www.RebaNietert.com (http://www.rebanietert.com/). To purchase one of my books please visit me on GOODREADS for over 100+ 5 star reviews. ( https://www.goodreads.com/search?q=rebecca+nietert ).

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Seminar Book Publishing 101

Needs a location

Schiel & Denver Book Publishers provides a line up of information book publishing, book publishing law, and how to find the right book publishers for your book.
The event will cover:
Choosing the right ISBN Book Publisher
Book Cover Design
Important aspects of book publishing law
Book Marketing and promoting your book for writers
How to get the most out of a booksigning
The dos and don'ts of local book marketing
Book publishing 101
Question & Answer Session From the Floor
If you'd like to attend the event, please register or send an email to Karen Handley at [masked] or call[masked] or for UK book publishers, interested in making the journey to attend, please contact[masked]. Interested parties can follow recommendations on book publishers blog.
We look forward to you attending the book publishers seminar.
S&D Book Publisher
Book Publishing Company
UK Book Publishers
Heirloom Children's Book Publishers
Publish A Book
Author Center

Writing Workshops Dallas
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

To fellow writers looking to hone their skills, the Writing Workshops Dallas is offering a holiday discount for all of their summer courses until Friday, July 7. Some classes offered include publication, self-editing, screenplay writing, fiction writing, and much more! All of the instructors are professional writers, teachers, and editors who have much to give to the writing community.

Take a look and grab a spot because these classes are filling up! The location and time varies for each class. More information about these classes can be found at the link posted below:


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