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What we’re about

For everyone in Design, Development, Ux/Ui interested in virtual reality using standard web technologies (e.g. HTML, CSS, JavaScript) via the new WebVR JavaScript API

Excited by virtual reality but unsure of how to get aboard? Turns out that modern web browsers directly support 3D and VR via the WebVR and WebGL JavaScript APIs. The Los Angeles WebVR Meetup is dedicated to promoting web-based VR and Mixed Reality as a framework leveraging the web to deliver cutting-edge user experiences. We cover code, Ux in VR, design, even companies, promotion and marketing. Drop by to see how you can leverage your web skills to join the next new medium.

Our Goals:

1. Creating WebVR apps using HTML, CSS, JavaScript.

2. "Ux in VR" (Experience Design and Interaction Design in virtual reality). Design Ux design for apps that mix the Web and Virtual Reality. Ux in VR tools (like A-Frame) for Ux prototyping.

3. Introduce Libraries and frameworks using WebVR technology (THREE, Babylon, WebVR-Boilerplate & Polyfill, Primrose VR), and help Web Designers and Front-End Developers learn how to code for VR.

4. Showcase functional WebVR applications, frameworks, and designs

5. Showcase new WebVR Companies, and demonstrate the practical of WebVR in virtual and mixed reality.

6. Promote the use of WebVR for low-cost entry of current web designers, developers, and Ux specialists into the new medium. 

7. Build bridges between WebVR, Unity VR, Unreal VR, and Native VR development communities.