Lecture: David Wood on 'The Future of Politics'

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For our second meetup, we will be welcoming David Wood (@dw2 (https://twitter.com/dw2)) to Manchester Futurists to speak about the future of politics, where he will cover topics such as technological unemployment, the challenges of surveillance capitalism, the perils of fake news, the longevity dividend as a comprehensive answer to escalating healthcare costs, and a changing relationship between technocracy and democracy.

David Wood was a pioneer of the smartphone industry and is now a full-time futurist speaker, analyst, writer, and publisher. He is the author or lead editor of six books, including "Anticipating 2025 (http://anticipating2025.com/book)", "Smartphones and beyond (https://smartphonesandbeyond.com/)", and, most recently, "The abolition of aging (https://theabolitionofaging.com/)". His latest book project is "Transpolitica: Fixing politics" (https://transpolitica.org/projects/fixing-politics/).

David also heads up London Futurists (https://www.meetup.com/London-Futurists/) - a non-profit networking meetup with approaching 6,000 members - and has chaired over 150 public events on technoprogressive and futurist topics.

He is a fellow of the IEET (http://www.ieet.org/index.php/IEET/staff), Secretary of the Board of Directors of Humanity+ (http://humanityplus.org/about/board/), Executive Director of Transpolitica (https://transpolitica.org/), Chair of the Transhumanist Party (UK) (http://www.transhumanistparty.org.uk/), and a fellow of the RSA (https://www.thersa.org/).

David will present for around an hour, after which there will be time for questions and discussion over drinks and mezze.

Please RSVP (so we can put your name on the door) and get in touch if you have any special dietary or access requirements.

Once again we thank our hosts AutoTrader for their hospitality!