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Learn, Grow, Pay It Forward

Are you a lifelong learner? Are you thrilled by the "light bulb" moments. Do you see yourself improving with practice?

"Manhattan Lectures & Conversations" (MLC) is a group of growth minded volunteers looking for engaging conversations and lectures. The vision is to connect people who love learning—old and young, singles and couples, boroughs and islanders alike, in a way that fosters both community and growth.

NYC has some of the greatest minds on earth coursing through it on a daily basis, so let's take advantage of that fact and get our learn on!

Additionally, we will have coffee and discussion after each lecture for those who are interested.


https://www.cbsnews.com/video/myrtle-beach-... (https://www.cbsnews.com/video/myrtle-beach-innkeeper-opens-his-doors-to-families-hit-by-flooding/)

About "Conversations New York"


Hundreds of New Yorkers coming together in small groups of neighbors

and fellow citizens to discuss topics of intensive interest…

Hosted at no cost and at convenient locations and times…

Aided by simple guiding principles…

Inspired by the city’s grand tradition of robust conversation…

Our vision is to inspire, organize, publicize, facilitate and celebrate a renaissance of healthy dialogue in New York City.

Our Mission:

1. Encourage and support interesting and important conversations among New Yorkers at the grass-roots level,

2. Establish simple, affordable, and sustainable infrastructure to foster such conversations throughout the city year-round.

3. Add to the worldwide image of New York as a metropolis where culture and intellect thrive among the people.

4. Maintain conversations with a human face by discussing topics in-person.

Note: For access to all CNY-sponsored events, go to www.conversationsnewyork.com (http://www.conversationsnewyork.com/) and subscribe to our blog,

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Please review our policies, values, expectations, roles/responsibilities here: www.meetup.com/Manhattan-Lectures-C... (https://www.meetup.com/Manhattan-Lectures-Conversations/messages/boards/thread/49055714)

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Thank an Essential Worker—Give Blood—Save Lives. Don't Leave Home Without One!

MANY THANKS TO THE ESSENTIAL WORKERS. DONATE BLOOD (WHEN YOU ARE ABLE TO DO SO SAFELY). WEAR A FACE COVERING WHEN SOCIAL DISTANCING IS NOT POSSIBLE—DON'T LEAVE HOME WITHOUT ONE! https://youtu.be/E6lxKOfn8_E https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=629397364455704 Many thanks to all the essential workers on the front lines in healthcare, in caretaking, in farming, in food processing, in transportation, in utilities, & in public service putting themselves & their family members at risk to keep us safe at home and not wanting. *** George W Bush: (00:06) This is a challenging and solemn time in the life of our nation and world. A remorseless invisible enemy threatens the elderly and vulnerable among us, a disease that can quickly take breath and life. Medical professionals are risking their own health for the health of others, and we’re deeply grateful. Officials at every level are setting out the requirements of public health that protect us all, and we all need to do our part. (00:36) The disease also threatens broader damage, harm to our sense of safety, security and community. The larger challenge we share is to confront an outbreak of fear and loneliness, and it is frustrating that many of the normal tools of compassion, a hug, a touch, can bring the opposite of the good we intend. In this case, we serve our neighbor by separating from them. We cannot allow physical separation to become emotional isolation. This requires us to be not only compassionate, but creative in our outreach, and people across the nation are using the tools of technology in the cause of solidarity. (01:19) In this type of testing we need to remember a few things. First, let us remember we have faced times of testing before. Following 9-11 I saw a great nation rise as one to honor the brave, to grieve with the grieving and to embrace unavoidable new duties, and I have no doubt, none at all, that this spirit of service and sacrifice is alive and well in America. Second, let us remember that empathy and simple kindness are essential powerful tools of national recovery. Even at an appropriate social distance, we can find ways to be present in the lives of others, to ease their anxiety and share their burdens. Third, let’s remember that the suffering we experience as a nation does not fall evenly. In the days to come it will be especially important to care in practical ways for the elderly, the ill and the unemployed. Finally, let us remember how small our differences are in the face of this shared threat. In the final analysis, we are not partisan combatants, we are human beings, equally vulnerable and equally wonderful in the sight of God. We rise or fall together and we are determined to rise. God bless you all. *** "To learn more about the importance of donating during this time and to answer your questions regarding COVID-19, please visit https://nybc.org/donate-blood/covid-19-and-blood-donation-copy/ Do not donate if you have: a fever or other symptoms of COVID-19 (cough, shortness of breath, or difficulty breathing) had close contact with someone diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19 in the last 14 days been diagnosed with or suspected of having COVID-19 until 28 days after your illness has resolved NOTE: Close contact is defined by the CDC as being within 6 feet of an individual for a prolonged period of time."

Postponed to Dec 23rd: Movie - Top Gun: Maverick (Host: Yen)

NOT ANNOUNCED YET. Top Gun 2 Trailers - https://youtu.be/bHt1IbuYgJo

'CONVERSATION DAY' in Bryant Park - Annual Global Celebration of Great Talk!

(View videos & photos of previous Conversation Days: http://bit.ly/Conversation_Day_Pictures FREE — but please register at http://bit.ly/Conversation_Day_2019-06-08_Registration_Bryant_park ) **** "CONVERSATION DAY Join us for the Annual Global Celebration of Great Talk! Saturday, June 8, 2019 from 2:00 - 5:00 pm in Bryant Park at Sixth Avenue and 41st Street, Manhattan Look for us at the yellow Welcome Table in front of the giant fountain FREE -- but please register at http://bit.ly/Conversation_Day_2019-06-08_Registration_Bryant_park Be sure to check event status on Sat. after 9 a.m. at www.ConversationsNewYork.com before departing for this outdoor event. Come celebrate Conversation Day which has been hailed as “one of the most enjoyable events in the City” by the dean of American travel writers, Arthur Frommer, and featured on major metropolitan radio and TV. (View videos and photos of previous Conversation Days: http://bit.ly/Conversation_Day_Pictures You will choose from exciting topics to discuss with other lively-minded New Yorkers, sharing your thoughts, experiences, and ideas. Conversations will start each hour on the hour, hosted by leaders of outstanding programs. Topics will include: ● What Really Makes Us Happy?, ● Friendship and Love, ● Overcoming Our Political Divides, ● Coping and Thriving in NYC, ● What’s Really Funny?, ● Technology: How Are Our Devices Shaping Our Minds? ● and many others! Can’t come to Bryant Park? Echo our rallying cry – “Let’s Talk, New York!” – anywhere, by inviting your friends to a face-to-face conversation, and share your photos on our Facebook page. #ConversationDay http://bit.ly/Conversation_Day_2019-06-08_Registration_Facebook For suggestions on how to organize and conduct a great conversation, see these Resources on the CNY website: https://conversationsnewyork.com/resources-for-moderators-2/ Worldwide, Conversation Day is also celebrated annually on the second Saturday in June by social/cultural activists in over 20 cities including London, Paris, Lagos, Beijing, Tokyo, Bangalore, Kuala Lumpur, and Riyadh. Conversation Day is presented by Conversations New York (CNY), the foremost program of free public conversations (www.conversationsnewyork.com). Contact: Ronald Gross, Conversations New York, www.conversationsnewyork.com, [masked] "

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