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This community was created by marketers for marketers. It brings together the world of agile with the world of marketing, raising awareness of how the principles of Agile and agility can support marketers to work in a more effective and adaptive way. An Agile approach to Marketing helps marketers focus on the 'right' things and get them done, quicker and more effectively than through traditional routes. A great asset to any marketer who's ever felt overwhelmed by building deadlines!

Here's our community user story:
As a Marketer, I want to be part of an Agile-focused community so that I can share experience, learn from others and be confident of finding out about new thinking and insights.

As agilists, we adapt and respond to feedback, so this community will evolve! That said, our events are likely to be a mixture of workshop, presentation and discussion. Collaboration and communication are core Agile principles, so let's collaborate to create new thinking, sharing case studies and examples of what's worked for us and what maybe hasn't worked so well.

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Agile Marketing during a Pandemic

Online event

18:00 BST | 19.00 CET | 13.00 EDT | 10.00 PDT | 11.00 MDT |

Take a look at the Nureva website, and you’ll see that their goal is to develop creative solutions that ‘unlock the value of collaborative work’.

With that kind of focus on collaboration, it may not surprise you to learn their marketing team had been adopting Agile principles for a few years when the global pandemic hit, forcing the 13-member co-located team to work 100% remotely.

Nureva was far from new to Agile working. They’d been trained by Jeff Sutherland and JJ Sutherland. It was generally accepted that the marketing department was a little bit different, that they would use elements of Scrum but maybe not the pure Scrum that the Sutherlands were advocating for the rest of the organisation. Our speaker, Gary Marx, is Marketing Manager with Nureva Inc. Gary will tell us that it was only when Nureva cocreated the first hybrid Scrum Around the World event with Scrum@Scale in December 2019 that he became a true convert to Scrum. This was a milestone in the team’s Agile journey, and Gary will share the story of how that event came together as a series of eight one-week sprints.

It wasn’t long after that event when the pandemic hit, bringing fresh challenges.

Gary will discuss how Nureva’s marketing team adopted new practices to help overcome the challenges with going remote and he will address how much focus a marketing team places on adopting Scrum and Agile.

Key points from the talk will include:
• Moving from project management to Scrum
• Task sizing and calculating team velocity
• Splitting the team – is 13 too many for an Agile team?
• How Agile supports communication – for distributed teams
• How remote working helped the team develop new skills and techniques

About Gary Marx:
Gary has been Marketing Manager at Nureva Inc for two and a half years. He describes launching the Scrum around the World hybrid conference as a true highlight of his time there. This event was a live online and in person event featuring Scrum co-inventor Jeff Sutherland. In excess of 250 conference participants interacted in real time from Calgary, London, and Amsterdam.

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