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This community was created by marketers for marketers. It brings together the world of agile with the world of marketing, raising awareness of how the principles of Agile and agility can support marketers to work in a more effective and adaptive way. An Agile approach to Marketing helps marketers focus on the 'right' things and get them done, quicker and more effectively than through traditional routes. A great asset to any marketer who's ever felt overwhelmed by building deadlines!
Here's our community user story:
As a Marketer, I want to be part of an Agile-focused community so that I can share experience, learn from others and be confident in finding out about new thinking and insights.
As agilists, we adapt and respond to feedback, so this community will evolve! That said, our events are likely to be a mixture of workshops, presentations and discussions. Collaboration and communication are core Agile principles, so let's collaborate to create new thinking, sharing case studies and examples of what's worked for us and what maybe hasn't worked so well.

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OKRs for Marketing: the What, the How and some Practical Examples

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18:00 BST | 19.00 CEST | 13.00 EDT | 10.00 PDT | 11.00 MDT

Since John Doerr famously introduced a revolutionary approach to goal setting at Google in 1999, Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) have become a common framework to drive success for large and small organisations, helping them demonstrate focus, agility, alignment, and growth.

While every organisation, every team, every project needs a clear definition of success, for some teams, such as marketing, you might not see results immediately because success is built over time through multiple actions and long-term strategies. That’s where Marketing OKRs come into play.

In this event, we will discuss how OKRs help strategic alignment while creating a culture focused on measuring and delivering value, and helping prioritise the Marketing backlog.

Here are some of the points we will be covering during the event:

• What are OKRs and what it means in the context of corporate strategic goals and alignment
• What is the difference between a smart goal, OKRs, and KPIs?
• How do you craft Marketing OKRs and examples of Marketing OKRs
• How do you track Marketing OKRs effectively?
• How to avoid the common OKR mistakes?

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5th State of Agile Marketing Report

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