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“When we meditate the depth, beauty and possibility of every moment begins to be revealed to us.” Tracy Friend

Meditation 101 is a special relaxed group that provides a warm and uplifting space in which to meditate in the enhanced energy of a group.

Meditation 101 groups include meditation, group sharing and guided visualisations.

Tracy Friend, co-founder of the Law of Attraction Centre, the largest Law of Attraction community in Europe runs regular meditation groups in addition to online 'Meditation 101 Live' sessions in which people can tune in from across the world from the comfort of their own home. 

Tracy is also founder of Liberating the Heart with teachings and events to progress on the spiritual path, create your life and integrate and embody spiritual insights.

Meditating regularly enhances wellbeing whilst also bringing a greater sense of peace, focus and inspiration.

Please note that it is necessary to be aged 18 years or older to attend events.

I look forward to meeting you,


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"Thank you. the second section moved me the most. I had a real moment of knowing who I was, am and always be. Also, I have in the past trained in yoga and meditation but not practised for a number of years - I felt all the beauty of it flowing connecting through my source once again aaaahhh bliss." - A.S.

"Truly inspirational, loved it, thank you." - Anonymous

"So relaxing and cleansing." - T.H.

"Awesome meditation Tracy. One of the most powerful sessions I have ever had." - G.R.

"I absolutely loved the meditation. The music was one that I truly enjoyed. Thank you so much for this. Many blessings to you." - S.


About Tracy Friend:

Tracy is a leading spiritual teacher, coach and authority on the Law of Attraction whose profound yet practical teachings over the last decade have touched the lives of thousands of people. Her teachings benefit from extensive knowledge and experience of different spiritual paths with influences in addition to the Law of Attraction including insight meditation, non-duality teachings and A Course In Miracles. She specialises in helping people to create the life they want in addition to awakening more deeply to their true nature.

Tracy’s ventures also include producing Law of Attraction online courses and visualisations.

She has witnessed time and time again the amazing, profound effect of the application of simple Law of Attraction processes and meditation in positively transforming people’s lives.

In Tracy’s one to one coaching practice she has helped people in the areas of relationships, career, health and well-being.

Tracy holds a first class honours degree in Psychology with her theoretical knowledge of Psychology taking on a whole new perspective when she embarked on her life’s purpose of living and teaching spiritual upliftment. She has extensive knowledge of meditation with her having participated in over 35 residential silent meditation retreats in the UK and Asia. Tracy is also a qualified yoga teacher, yoga therapist, qigong teacher and reflexologist.

Visit her websites: https://www.lawofattractioncentre.com/ and https://www.liberatingtheheart.com/


***LIVING THE LAW OF ATTRACTION RETREAT BALI 17TH – 24TH SEPTEMBER 2023, FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE SEE: https://www.lawofattractioncentre.com/law-of-attraction-retreat/

A YouTube video with more information about the Bali Retreat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q8BVe2YJRuI

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