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Meet like-minded people interested in meditation and exploring Buddhist philosophy. Each one-hour class will include two guided meditations. There will be a new topic each week to help us develop a sense of well-being and address problems encountered in daily life. We present a path of individual transformation to benefit both ourselves and others.

Meditation is now generally acknowledged as the best method for reducing stress and becoming more peaceful, attentive and present. But it is much more than that. Meditation gives us the ability to understand our mind fully and to bring about profound spiritual transformation, enabling us to become the person we wish to be. In our classes, through a combination of talks, guided meditation and discussion, we will be guided into the deeper joy of meditation helping us to unlock our amazing potential for freedom, happiness and love.

We average about 30 meditators per class, which is not reflected in the number of RSVPs we receive. While RSVPs are encouraged, you do not need to RSVP to attend. Drop-ins are welcome. There is no requirement to attend all the classes in a series.

You don't need to be a Buddhist to enjoy and benefit from these classes. We are An Inclusive Community (http://www.meditateinhollywood.org/about-us/inclusive-community/)!

Our ongoing Monday night classes are $10. Light refreshments are served after class. Please check fees on each post for special events (e.g., occasional Saturday mornings).

We are located at Neighborhood Unitarian Universalist Church, 301 N Orange Grove Blvd, Pasadena CA 91103, which is the left-most building along the free parking lot.


Visit our Pasadena webpage (http://www.meditateinla.org/classes/meditate-in-pasadena/)
Visit our Hollywood Temple website (http://www.meditateinhollywood.org/)
Visit our Elysian Valley Center website (http://www.meditateinla.org/)

Upcoming events (2)

Learn to Meditate at Home (livestream) - Overcome Distractions

RELAX, REFRESH, RE-CONNECT: LEARN TO BE QUIET ON THE INSIDE Are you distracted? Busy minded? Are your thoughts scattered and out of control? These days many people have very little control over their thoughts – as one idea bounces to the next, our minds can easily feel restless and agitated. This course will explore simple, practical and ancient breathing meditations that will help you to reduce mental busyness and generate some space and peace within your mind. The course is based on three recorded audio meditations with an emphasis on helping the practitioner develop a simple and consistent meditation practice at home. Cost: $5 | Free for Members Register at https://meditateinhollywood.org/register-wednesday-night-class What to Expect: 2 Guided Meditations + practical Buddhist teaching Perfect for beginners and experienced meditators alike.

The Power of Emptiness: Discover the Wisdom of No Self

Online event

There is no more powerful insight for our spiritual practice than that of emptiness, Buddha’s astonishing and transformative explanation of the true nature of reality. It is because we misunderstand our own nature that we think and act in self-limiting ways that make us unhappy and entrap us in a prison of our own mind. Understanding how the self actually exists in a state of utter freedom and possibility allows us to become the person we wish to be, freeing us to truly benefit others and our world in the most meaningful and profound ways. What are the benefits of this retreat? – Learn to stop grasping at a limited self – Experience the space of possibility within you – Gain insight into how your mind creates yourself and your world SCHEDULE Saturday, July[masked]:15am Session[masked]:15pm Session 2 1:30-2:45pm Session 3 3:30-4:45pm Session 4 Sunday 2-3:15pm Session 5 4-5:15pm Session 6 COST: Full Retreat: $45 Saturday Only: $35 Sunday Only: $20 72-Hour Replay Option Available Register at https://bit.ly/NoSelf FINANCIAL DIFFICULTY? We know many people are suddenly having a harder time making ends meet. Shelter-in-place has closed many businesses and affected many lives, especially financially. Please know we don’t turn anyone away for financial reasons. Email Raymond Leung, our Administrative Director at [masked] for reduced fees.

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