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Responsible DI: Ditch the Frameworks
With having many widely used frameworks which are based on dependency injection, it might be hard to believe that dependency injection is not good for our code. Let's listen to Ken Scambler who is going to convince us why we should stop using dependency injection and why those frameworks harm our code. DESCRIPTION: Judging by the maelstrom of complicated frameworks, articles, books, and reams of code, Dependency Injection must be one of the hardest problems faced by mankind. Or is it? Ken will argue that the problem to be solved is nowhere as scary as we have convinced ourselves and that DI frameworks like Spring, Guice, and Dagger2 are not just unnecessary, but have a tendency to harm both our code and our way of thinking. Shots fired! Along the way, we'll talk about responsibility, boundaries, modularity, testing, and maybe just a teeny smidgin of maths. Whether you are convinced or not, the arguments will be supported by detailed examples, and audience interaction/questions/heckling will be encouraged at every point! Bio Ken Scambler is a Melbourne software engineer, functional programming advocate, blogger, speaker & conference organizer, and currently a software architect at MYOB. He has been maintaining and if we're honest, creating regrettable OO codebases of all shapes and sizes for 15 years. Agenda 6:00 - 7:00: Food and socializing 7:00 - 7:15: Intro's and monthly news 7:15 - 8:15: Responsible DI Sponsors Aconex ( - As usual, we'd like to thank them for providing their awesome venue and the food and beverages for the night!

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