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Translating knowledge to practical and useable insight.
What is knowledge translation (KT) and does it relate to knowledge management. With over 90 terms used interchangeable to describe knowledge translation there can be quite some confusion. It’s not that all the terms mean exactly the same thing but they are often elements of the overall knowledge translation process. Knowledge Translation is the process of taking results from a test, pilot, localised trial or sample study and applying it to a population group or large market. It also serves to control all the myriad of factors that can diminish your chances of success. In this session, Tamika Heiden will provide an overview and background of knowledge translation, what it means, where the term comes from and how it is changing the way researchers and academics work. You will gain an insight into: • The processes required for good knowledge translation • The evidence base for knowledge translation • The roles and skill sets required for good translation Comparisons between KM and KT will form the basis of a facilitated discussion and group activity to determine the overlapping commonalities between the two fields and how we can borrow from the tool box of other disciplines in perfecting our own work.

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KMLF – Melbourne Knowledge Management Leadership Forum

The KMLF is a face-to-face education and networking forum, run by KM practitioners for KM practitioners.

Meetings are usually held at least once per month in the central business district in Melbourne, Australia. Membership is free, and attendance at meetings usually requires a small donation to cover drinks and nibbles.

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At KMLF meetings, members can participate in addressing and discussing issues regarding knowledge management and related topics. The aim of this participation is to set the foundation for a casual network of interested practitioners and scholars to discuss knowledge management and its impact on both business and government organisations.

The regular attendance at forum meetings is between 20-40 people. These represent executives and knowledge management practitioners from government and a range of corporations and SMEs. Academia, consultancies and vendors are also represented. Industries represented include legal, defence, manufacturing, C&IT and banking & finance. Our committee includes senior consultants, managers and executives from government and commercial enterprises and KM practitioners.

Meetings usually start at around 6 pm. The formal session usually wraps up by 7:30 pm, with networking and refreshments afterwards. After that, anyone interested can then adjourn for further discussions over dinner at a restaurant nearby.

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