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Hello people!
Welcome to our ''culture and language meetups'' group.

As part of Miitti ''cultural diversity, learn, read, cook, eat and enjoy together'' objectives, we have created this group to arrange a series of different meetups for the above purposes.
We have plans to arrange the following meetups on regular/weekly/monthly basis:
a) Suomea suomeksi

b) Suomi wa sählän-kielivaihtokulma

c) English with joy

d) Tandem English

e) Miitti open kitchen

f) Badminton

Description for every event would be described individually in detail for each event on the meetup event page, so follow our meetups in the group to participate.

All our events are free of charge.
Participants are kindly advised to reserve your seats well in advance as all our events are free.
You can reserve your seat through sending us a text through our Facebook page or contact number:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miitti1/

Instagram: miitti9781

Phone no: 0405654582/040 5654609

(Join our groups 1''Helsinki Immigrants, Exchange Students and locals Meetup'' if you are interested in meeting new people and 2'' Let's play music and dance together'' if you would like to learn and play music and dance)

Lapinlahdenpolku 1, 00101 Helsinki

If you ever have problem finding our event place, please feel free to call above numbers or ask for Venetsia in the building.

Warm welcome :)


Upcoming events (5+)

Kielivaihtokulma-Learn Finnish and Arabic

Venetsia, Lapinlahden lähde

Hei, opitaan suomea ja arabiaa ja kohdataan kahvikupposen äärellä! Tehdään se tandemilla, molemmat opettavat toisilleen! مرحبا! لندرس اللغة الفنلندية واللغة العربية في نفس الوقت. حسنا كروب من الناطقين باللغتين يعلم بعضنا البعض. كل يوم أثنين من الساعة الخامسة حتى السابعة . Hello, let's study Finnish and Arabic at the same time over a cup of coffee! We'll do it through tandem, each teaching one another how to do it! Every Monday 17:00-18:30 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miitti1/ Instagram: miitti9781

Opi suomea suomeksi - learn Finnish in Finnish

Venetsia, Lapinlahden lähde

Hello! Are you interested to learn Finnish in a fun and relaxed atmosphere? Come to Miitti in our beautiful Venice to learn Finnish in Finnish for beginners every Wednesday. Our focus is on conversation skills and everyday language. Whilst studying, you can have a cup of tea, relax and meet some new friends. Please bring your notebook and pen. A message would be enough to reserve your free seat. our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/miitti1/ Instagram: miitti9781 Warm welcome to Miitti:)😍😊💕 Contact:[masked] /[masked] If you have difficulties finding the place call above numbers Moi! Haluatko oppia suomea suomeksi kauniissa paikassa ja rennossa, mukavassa ilmapiirissä? Tule Venetsian Miittiin, meidän yhteiseen olohuoneeseen oppimaan suomea suomeksi joka keskiviikko! Harjoittelemme puhekielen taitoja ja juttelemme paljon molemmissa ryhmissä. Olohuoneessamme voit opiskelun ohella tutustua uusiin ihmisiin teekupposen äärellä ja relata. Ota mukaasi vihko ja kynä. Tapahtuma on maksuton! Jos sinulla on vaikeuksia löytää perille, soita meille:[masked]/[masked] Lämpimästi tervetuloa Venetsian Miittiin!!💕😊

5 week English Course-Exploring Integration

lapinlahden lähde

This course for Citizen Network Finland in collaboration with MIITTI is run by Daniel Palmer , who is currently writing his thesis for his masters in Education on Participatory Education. The course is free, but full participation for the 5 weeks is required. What you get from this course: -Improve your English using an approach which draws out meaning through personal experience - Meet and connect with new people in a fun environment - Learn skills in problem solving and critical thinking - Create your own volunteer position/community project based on your passions - Develop cooperative and presentation skills -Get written language feedback after every class About the course: During the 5-week course we will tackle the subject of what can governments and communities do to successfully promote the integration of immigrants. We will explore several questions, including ,what the term ‘integration’ means to you as an adult immigrant in Finland? What facilitates your sense of belonging to Finland? What are the opportunities you have and the barriers you face? How can you make worthwhile social and work connections and contribute to your local community? Daniel is really interested in building community and bringing people together, therefore has created a course which combines learning English with community development. The teaching method used in this project is Participatory ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages). This is an approach that combines English language learning and community organizing techniques ,and intends to draw out and build upon the experience of students and develop critical understanding. Using this technique, it has been observed that when students engage in meaningful discussions, they produce language beyond their level, learn new language from each other and develop new communication strategies The course will take a three-stage process: Making Meaning: Exploring the experiences of the group Going Deeper: Critically analysing the issues using participatory methods such as a ‘problem tree’ Broadening Out: Taking Action through the group creating their own community project. It will take place on Wednesday’s on the following dates from[masked]: 30th January 6th February 13th February 20th February 27th February Send a message on our page or the following numbers to reserve your spot. Contact no: (whatsapp)[masked]/[masked]

Meditative Hatha Yoga

lapinlahden lähde

Scroll down for Finnish and Arabic. Welcome to one of our (many more) weekly Yoga event, Meditative Hatha Yoga Prana Vidya focuses on spiritual work through systematic relaxation, the science of conscious breath (prana vidya), and meditation. It is a hatha yoga with soft postures, ideal for people of all ages and most conditions who need to learn to relax and wish to work with their bodies in a very safe way. This yoga promotes better sleep and mood and higher levels of relaxation in your day. It helps both to alleviate depression and stress. As our teacher we have Manu Fern, who is a true professional and well experienced in the field of yoga. Please reserve your place in advance by sending us a message on Facebook, Whatsapp, or text[masked] /[masked] All our events are free but please reserve your place in advance as their wouldn't be any walk-in entry because of the limited spaces(remember that ''going'' tab in the event page is not enough to reserve your place). Max Capacity is 15 persons. Bring your personal yoga mats and wear clothes that you are comfortable in. Important to know: A text/call reservation is a must We' ll have our sessions at the Lapinlahti main building, 3rd floor. Warm welcome :) Tervetuloa joogaamaan vihapuhetta vastaan! "Meditative Hatha Yoga Prana Vidya"keskittyy tietoiseen hengittämiseen, rentoutumiseen ja mietiskelyyn. Tämä joogaharjoitus auttaa sinua nukkumaan paremmin ja opettaa samalla rentoumaan sekä vähentää stressiä! Opettajanamme meillä on kokenut joogan ammattilainen Manu Fern. Joogaamme Lapinlahden Päätalon Pylvässalissa (3 krs). Varaa paikkasi etukäteen lähettämällä meille viesti Facebookissa, Whatsappin kautta tai tekstarina numeroihin[masked] /[masked]. Ilmoittautuminen on sitova, koska paikkoja on rajoitetusti. Pelkkä "osallistuu" klikkaus tapahtumasivulla ei riitä ilmoittautumiseen! Kaikki tapahtumamme ovat maksuttomia, mutta muista varata paikkasi ajoissa, koska tilaa on vain max 15 joogaajalle! Ota mukaan oma joogamatto ja vaatteet, joissa sulla on hyvä olla. Tervetuloa! ! اهلا وسهلا بكم في واحد من برامجنا الكثيرة ( يوغا التأمل) الأسبوعي برعاية وزارة الثقافة والتعليم. رجاءا قم بحجز مقعدك مسبقا عن طريق إرسال رسالة إلى صفحتنا على الفيس بوك او الاتصال على الارقام[masked] /[masked] جميع مناسباتنا مجانية لكن رجاءا قم بالحجز مسبقا لان المقاعد محدوده( ٨ مقاعد) يرجى احضار حصيرة اليوغا الخاصه بك.

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Meditative Hatha Yoga

lapinlahden lähde

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