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What we’re about

Mile High Ramblers is a connection-focused walking (and rolling) community that hosts events in and throughout the Denver Metro region in Colorado.

This Meetup is supported by Intrinsic Paths and the Walk2Connect Collective. You can learn more by visiting and

Get connected to our community on social media (@Walk2Connect and #Lifeat3MPH) and join our Walk2Connect Community Group on Facebook:

The Mile High Rambler chapter is inclusive to all races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and ages. While some of our walks/rolls are for certain paces, abilities, we want to make sure all are able to find ways to join us. Please reach out to me with questions, feedback and suggestions for how we can make our community equitable, fun, and meaningful for everyone.

In movement,

Jonathon Stalls
Walking Artist, Intrinsic Paths
Founder/Collective Member, Walk2Connect

Also, if you would like to support Meetup fees for these events, please consider becoming an Intrinsic Paths patrons:

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