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Welcome to The Mile High Ramblers Meetup, a growing network of walking and hiking enthusiasts who value the 2-3 mile per hour pace. Together, we slow down, explore, grow, connect, learn, and heal through a variety of walking trips and events across the greater Denver Metro Area in Colorado. So what does it mean to "ramble"? Rambling is simply "the enjoyment of walking from place to place, sometimes without direction, goals, destinations."

Mile High Ramblers is our Denver Metro Meetup community inside of the Walk2Connect Cooperative (http://www.walk2connect.com) and the Walk2Connect Meetup Pro (https://www.meetup.com/pro/walk2connect/) Network. Walk2Connect is a worker-owned social enterprise working to create connection-focused walking programs for people, places and commuities. All walking invitations are hosted by trained Walking Movement Leaders who have completed our bi-monthly walking leader training. The Mile High Ramblers Meetup will feature free 'same place, same time' weekly walks as well as various free/low-cost program trips. Visit the Walk2Connect Events page (http://www.walk2connect.com/events) for a full schedule of walking programs, events, and select partner activities. Its important to know that we encourage our walking leaders to reach out with flyers, word of mouth, and other forms of invitation.

Keep in mind that our meetups (especially the weekly or monthly) have more people in attendance vs what is shown on the Meetup as we have many non-Meetup attendees who sign-up through Facebook and other means.

If you want to learn more about our worker-owned cooperative, please consider watching our 2-minute whiteboard video here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ta5wWHP4RWk).

We hope you join our Mile High Ramblers community!

Walk on,

~ The Walk2Connect Cooperative
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Upcoming events (5+)

STSP: Wednesday Morning Celebrating Life - Golden

Golden Visitor Center

TYPE: STSP Weekly | PACE: Conversational | TERRAIN: Mostly sidewalk, some grass/dirt trail, some road | DIFFICULTY: Sloping hills | DISTANCE: Approx. 3 mi | COST: Free Greetings! We are delighted to host a weekly opportunity for walking through Golden and talking with each other about everything under the (Golden) sun! Come alone or with friends, or to make new friends! Please feel free to “drop-in” anytime. We will cover a gentle route at a conversational pace with an emphasis on easy movement and pleasant company. We will meet at 9:00am on the patio outside the visitor center, make introductions, answer questions and lightly warm up. If you are going to use the restroom, please plan to show up well before 9:00am as we will leave NO LATER than 9:05am. We should be done walking no later than 10:15am. You can of course leave early if you need to! Please be sure to RSVP so we can notify you in the unlikely event the walk is cancelled. Thank you! RSVP HERE on the Golden Walks MeetUp Group Feel free to contact walking trip host Betty at [masked] or[masked] if you have questions! First Timers/Waivers: If this is your first time walking with Betty or if you have not completed a Welcome Waiver in 2017, please arrive 5-10 minutes early to connect, learn more about the walk, and complete a waiver. You can also fill out the online waiver here. (http://walk2connect.com/welcomewaiver/) Parking: There is plenty of parking in the parking lot. Weather: Please come prepared with enough layers and/or weatherproof gear to keep yourself comfortable. Restroom: Public restroom is available inside the store. Dog Friendly! Please consider whether your dog is calm & well-behaved in a group. S/he MUST stay on a maximum 6' leash; please be sure to bring baggies. Note: Golden Walks [Walk2Connect partner] are very informal and give us all unique opportunities to connect with one another, with ourselves and with our surroundings. Let's walk! Betty

Walk The Platte – Englewood

Broken Tee Golf Course

TYPE: Weekly | PACE: walk and talk| TERRAIN: Paved Trail | DISTANCE: 5 mi Walk Description: Come walk the Platte with us. We start and end at the same point so you can walk as long or as short as you’d like. We start at the west end of the parking lot under the pavilion next to the Broken Tee Golf Course. We can have alternate routes for people that want to do less than 5 miles, just let the leader know. Walking Movement Leader: Bob is a retired fire fighter that enjoys meeting people and exercising at the same time. He is an organizer of walks with the Denver 50 and Better Social Group, but he extends the invite to anyone that wants to join them. Schedule, Planning, and Nearby Transit: Meet at the outdoor pavilion next to the Broken Tee Golf Course. There is plenty of parking available. RTD route 51 stops at the nearby bus tops. We leave on the dot at 9:00AM. If you’re running late, you can contact Bob via phone or email (See below). Trip Notes: – Dogs are allowed on this one. Please be sure they are well-behaved and on a short leash. No retractable leashes please. – Accessibility: it is handicap accessible, with some slight up/downhill slopes. – Wear/Bring: comfortable socks & clothing (pref. non-cotton!), light backpack for snacks and water, gloves/scarf, head cap if cool outside, and sunglasses/sunscreen. – Restrooms: Are available at the start and at the midway points if we do the platte walk . – Cancellation Policy: We only cancel in extreme weather conditions on our path, such as ice, hail, or lightening. Check Meetup or text the walk leader for the most up-to-date conditions. Welcome Waivers: Please fill out the online “Welcome Waiver” or download, print, sign, and turn in a hard copy if this will be your first Walk2Connect walking experience this year:http://www.walk2connect.com/welcomewaiver/ RSVP: You register for this walk by A) Going through our Colorado Ramblers Meetup group linked here or B) Emailing or calling Bob at kb0xt2(at)gmail(dot)com ,[masked]

STSP: City Park Loop Weekly Walk

Park Hill Library

Walk2Connect will now be doing FREE one hour sunrise walks in City Park every Friday leaving from the Park Hill Library on Montview and Dexter. These will be easy, relaxed one-hour loop around the lake at City Park. These trips will have no set program. They exist to provide a fun, easy-going, communal and social on-foot experience to start your day. This is also a great way to meet other 'daily' walking friends nearby. We're hoping to host more and more FREE walking trips like this for many neighborhoods throughout Denver and Colorado. Please get in touch with us if you are interested in leading one in your hood. EXPECT TO MAKE SOME FABULOUS CONNECTIONS! - Mileage:[masked] miles Welcome Waivers: Is this your first time doing this specific walk with Walk2Connect? Please fill out the online Welcome Waiver (http://walk2connect.com/welcomewaiver/)or download, print, sign, and turn in a hard copy. - Difficulty: Easy to Moderate (some small hills). - Terrain: (Urban/Residential) All sidewalks and street. - Schedule & Meeting Location: We will meet at 7:00am on the south steps of the Park Hill Library and we'll talk through Walk2Connect goals, answer any questions and to lightly warm up. We should be done walking no later than 8:10am. You can of course leave early if you need to! - Parking: There will be plenty of parking throughout on Montview. - Cost: FREE! - Dog Friendly! We will be doing a loop going back to our starting location. (Please be sure you are confident he/she can handle 2-3 miles and cooler temps when walking in Fall and Winter and insure that your dog is calm, well behaved and heels well on a leash.) - Weather: We are in the Winter season, so please come prepared with enough layers and/or waterproof gear in case we do run into cooler weather or rain. - Breaks, Restrooms: There will only be no place where we can use the restroom so please plan to use restroom before you leave home. There are porta potties at City Park.. use at your own risk! :) - Walk2Connect is now a full-time business and we're excited about ALL of our walking opportunities. Please sign-up for our emails (http://eepurl.com/h6dus) and check back to our trip schedule on our main website (http://www.walk2connect.com/) for other walking trips on the calendar. You can also follow us on Facebook here. (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Walk2Connect/244053552274279) Consider Bringing: - Comfortable socks & shoes (pref. NON cotton socks!) - Light backpack w/water and snack foods (almonds, bars, fruit) - Gloves, scarf, beanie - Camera (the view from the back steps of the Museum is breathtaking) - Sunglasses & Sunscreen (and hat if you wear them) - Bring many (thinner) layers depending on anticipated temperature and light rain gear just in case. I would avoid big/bulky winter coats as you will warm up once we walk and its way easier to shed/store light clothing. These walks are very informal and give us all unique opportunities to connect with one another, ourselves and our surroundings. Cheers, Stacy Feel free to contact me at if you have any questions at[masked]

STSP: Friday Morning Walk - Belmar Park

Lakewood Heritage Center

Type: STSP Weekly I Pace: Conversational I Trail: combination of concrete multi-use path and dirt/gravel I Distance: approximately 3 miles. Start your Friday with a morning walk through the natural parkland in and around Belmar Park. IMPORTANT UPDATE: The library is closed during renovations. We need to park at Lakewood Heritage Center to begin the walk through the old village. 801 S Yarrow St. Lakewood, CO 80226. Walk Description: We will walk in and through Lakewood's Belmar Park, near Belmar Commons and Kountze Lake. This 127-acre natural parkland wraps around Lakewood Heritage Center and the 20th Century Museum and offers walking paths and access to Weir Gulch. The park is left in a self-maintaining natural state with prairie grasses, cattails, purple thistle and willows. We will walk different paths each week, returning to our starting point at the end. Walking movement leaders: This walk is shared among 3 stellar leaders — Stephanie White, Lee Barnhill, and Teri Sewell. Ask Lee about the birdlife! Parking: Please park at the Lakewood Heritage Center. Dog Friendly: Please be sure your dog can handle 3 miles and remains leashed on a 6 foot leash. There are baggies at the park. Restrooms: The library is not open at this hour for bathroom breaks. Please use the restroom before joining us. Weather: Please dress in layers appropriate for the expected weather of the day. Water is always a good idea! RSVP: This is a rain-or-shine walk, but it's a good idea to RSVP in case the walk is unexpectedly cancelled. Welcome Waivers: Is this your first time doing this specific walk with Walk2Connect? Please fill out the online Welcome Waiver (http://walk2connect.com/welcomewaiver/)or download, print, sign, and turn in a hard copy. Let's walk! ~ Teri and Stephanie! [Note: for questions, contact Stehanie // [masked] //[masked]]

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