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Create the life you are meant to be living! We will learn, explore, meditate and create on our journey to wellness and personal/spiritual growth. Topics range from learning self-hypnosis techniques, stress relief, meditation, pain management, brain optimization, weight loss, recovery support, to sound healing. Are you the type that loves to keep growing? We will have a creative, rewarding time together. I will be sharing a lot of the same information from my workshops and leading you through some hypnotic visualization sessions. So, this is a very affordable way to experience and learn. Each session will give you take-home exercises, techniques and info to support your creation of the New You!

For more information, go to my website- https://technologiesoftheself.com/ or Facebook-TechoftheSelf (https://www.facebook.com/techoftheself), or feel free to send me an email at victoria@technologiesoftheself.com.

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