Pisgah Crater, Lava Tubes, Kelso Dunes, Marble Mine, and Trilobites!!!!!!!


We will camp Fri eve at a place close to Kelso Dunes and Vulcan.

Sat AM we will pack and head out early.

First over to Kelso Dunes.

After we was glorious time there. Wil will go over to Vulcan Mine and explore

After than . . . head down toward Cadiz for the Trilobites.

After Trilobites we will drive the hr to Pisgah crater and camp the night there.

In the AM we wake and will explore the Lava Tubes (been here plenty so I know where to go and where the different cave systems are.

When we are done . . . head out and head home.

Use the googley machine and click images for:

Kelso Dunes
Pisga Crater
Vulcan Mine (Ca)

This page covers a bit of this . . . but in nerdy language (my lingo)

Vulcan Mine is the original Kaiser Steel mine. That is what was dug till the end of WWII . . . it is what the ships were made from. They abandoned it when they found Eagle Mountain . .. it has a LOT more and better quality too. (Eagle Mountain you can google too).

Bonus will be if we drive over to Kelso Station, and the other lava tube there.

An alternate version of this or for another time will be to camp at Hole In The Wall (holes made by wind), and we go to Mitchell Caverns.