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What we're about

A group intended to be a meeting point for riders who already have some experience, reasonable fitness and basic technical skills besides love for the sport as well as meeting others of similar interests.

Riding will happen more often around Ashton Court/ Leigh Woods but also in South Wales, Forest of Dean, North Wales and more.

Riders of different levels of fitness are welcome but there will be no 'family' rides, only grades BLUE and ABOVE (see bellow) will be organised. Our rides are not suitable for children!

We follow the grading system suggested by the mountain biking industry as described by the following sites:



In our own words:

• Blue - Regular pace with time to catch breath, challenging but guaranteed to raise a smile.

• Red - Steady pace, technical elements, reasonable distance/ duration.

• Black - Fast paced and very technical, and or long distance.

Important: this group hasn't got any intention of being or acting as a cycling club. It is simply a meeting place for people who want to ride in the company of other cyclists. Therefore it is important to understand that all riders must be responsible for their own health, safety and well being as well as being prepared for dealing with common situations typical of the activity like change in weather, mechanical problems, flat tyres, etc.Mountain Biking is a hard sport not free of risk and this group cannot be deemed responsible for the exacerbation of any medical condition as well as any crash or accidents that might occur during our rides.

Past events (146)

Tickenham and Surrounding Area - Red Ride

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Leigh Woods - technical blue.

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Ashton Court and Leigh Woods Loops - Sunday

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