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What we’re about

This group is for adventurers who love to hike, run, ski, scramble, and climb around mountains. We’re all about exploring Australia's alpine and sub-alpine environment with friendly, enthusiastic and like-minded people.

We're a diverse group of people who like to mix things up in the outdoors, explore new areas, enjoy variety, especially the outdoor type.
We are keen on developing our experience, fitness and the technical skills required for the serious side of human powered adventuring and exploring.
Exploring Australia and overseas through hiking, ski touring, mountaineering, scrambling and rock climbing.

Everyone with a passion for the mountains and willingness to share and learn is welcome and encouraged to take an active part in this group. We have small group sizes that never go above 12 people, and are usually lower for technical activities so that you never feel part of a horde. It helps having an understanding of what constitutes safe activity numbers LOL.

Being a group focused on improving our fitness, expertise, safety, and skills in the mountains of Australia and overseas, our voluntary community leaders are vetted on their experience, regard to safety, their skillsets, and relevant social skills.
When we run trips you'll know that the adventurers leading activities are going to know what they are doing and are leading trips at their appropriate skill level.
Being a technical group some activities will require that you also have the appropriate skills, equipment and fitness to take part and this may require some verification.
Join a great and growing little community, make some new friends, expand your network, and have a fabulous time with us exploring the mountains of Victoria and Australia.
Check out our developing website.

About Us – FAQ’s
1. Who does the group suit?
This group is a big step up from your everyday outdoor meetup group. It will suit people who want to expand their abilities beyond day walks or indoor climbing. Most activities tend to be suited to people with experience and more so those with advanced skills. Some activities can be technical, requiring specialised experience, skills and equipment. Safety is a big component in what we do and this group wouldn't suit those with more carefree attitudes or without sufficient experience.

2. I'm a beginner - is it right for me?
If you've only done some beginner hikes and 1 or 2 indoor climbs, or you don't have suitable gear, then we'd recommend that you pick up some experience in other groups or get professional training first. We can introduce you to multi day hiking and more advanced activities like scrambling, climbing and mountaineering but you should come well prepared to ride a very steep learning curve and be prepared to give back to the group in some capacity. These sports can take weeks or months to train and safely prepare for if not longer. You'll also need to combine expensive gear purchases and possibly technical training to pursue the more serious and technically skilled activities. As such, the group would better suit people who are more committed and serious in their outdoor interests.

3. How do I develop my skills?
We will have an active training component for people to ramp up their skills and experience if you demonstrate some seriousness to your sport and commitment to the group. Preference is given to people giving back into the group in some fashion. We will develop this by using 3rd parties or from internal capabilities. The group is transitioning to provide commercial instruction and other services in various areas so you may pick up technical skills through various workshops or training events that will be conducted or negotiated privately with people who are certified to instruct.

4. Giving back and developing a collaborative culture
Our group desires to give back to its members and the larger community. If you have been trained by the group or have skills and experience to offer, we encourage you to help build a better culture by providing your skills and talents back into the group and assisting with any training or technical activities.
Looking forward to meeting and connecting with you all.

Regards, Mark - Mountain Explorers Organiser

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