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The Art of Woodworking... is not only an art... and a great hobby... but it's also an exercise for your mind. If you watch the Discovery Channels on TV... you know that there is a great amount of effort going into introducing the world of Science and Engineering to kids... by getting them to watch science and engineering channels. Why? This is to coerce kids into becoming tomorrow's scientists and engineers... so that not all of our most brilliant people will be imported from other countries in the future... with Genius visas. We need to grow our own geniuses too.

Woodworking is a great exercise in designing and building... and involves skills other than using machines and hand tools. It's a great exercise for kids of all ages.

We are here to promote the ART of Woodworking... and the occasional math and science and engineering and design skills that go with it.

NE Ohio Woodworkers (for Ladies and Men) is a group for anyone interested in Woodworking. Here are some things that we are dong and will be doing in the future as a group:

• Promoting the ART of WOODWORKING

• Building or Expanding or Updating a Woodworking Shop

• Designing Woodworking Projects - by yourself to share - or to get Expert Opinions from others

• Designing Low-Cost Woodworking Projects for newcomers with minimal investment in tools

• Collaborating Ideas and Projects

• Discussing the Acquisition of Woodworking Machines, Power Tools and Hand Tools

• Designing or Updating a Sawdust Collection System

• Pooling Resources to Buy Materials, Supplies, and other Woodworking Shop items (e.g., 55 gallon drums for Sawdust Collection) and sharing the cost of a rental truck to pick up these items.

• Woodworking (YouTube-like) Shop Tours, at our members Woodworking Shops... and maybe Professional Cabinet Shops to see new technology or techniques.

• Hold Woodworking Shop Training Classes where experts share expertise with beginners

• SketchUp classes for new members as the membership grows... and classes of SketchUp advanced topics.

All skills levels are welcome... from Beginners... to Home Hobbyists... to Pros who make a living from Woodworking.

We started this group to meet other Woodworking enthusiasts and explore the world of Hand Made products from Wood. We will also have Social Only meetings... probably over a Micro Brew and Dinner... to discuss all things wood and sawdust... and maybe social gatherings with other local MeetUp Groups.

We envision a Woodworking community where members ask, "Does anyone need Hardwood now?"... and members get together for a group buy... OR members ask "My wife and I would like to build a wall unit and we need some advice"... and members invite them over to show how they designed and built a wall unit.... OR... a members wants feedback on a plan before a project starts. We might need to utilize other social media to enable these ideas.

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Project for Beginners - Live Demo, Video, Presentation, Photos or Handouts

Projects for Beginners (Tentative Date)

I hope to gather some projects that were designed by our experienced people especially for our members who are new to Woodworking.

I've been working on a plan to make one of my Wall Units... but not the way that I made it. I'll make a plan with step by step instructions on using a Circular Saw with a Guide for ripping 4' x 8' sheets of plywood, cutting facing to length with a manual Miter Box, and using a Pocket Hole Jig for assembly, etc.. This Wall Unit was designed without a back for easy knockdown and removal (for moving).

Please reply with some project ideas of your own that you can explain or demonstrate or show via video or PowerPoint how to make... with a minimal investment in tools. The idea is to make a somewhat impressive beginner project without a huge investment... to get our inexperienced members started in the right direction.

I have several projects that would be suitable for this... but I'd like to get everyone involved.

We can plan on one 2 hour session to present 4-6 projects... then save some for the next month. We can also do this for different geographies on the same dates.

Project Designers:

Please start to think about projects... preferably projects that you have already made so that we can show the finished project... and start to design new ways o make your project with manual or simpler tools.


Please express your interest in this type of MeetUp.

We will set a firm date and location later.

Neil's Marquetry - Member shop Demo
Needs a date and time

Needs a location

More details to follow...

Neil does some amazing Marquetry work and will set up a MeetUp to demo his work in his basement workshop.

See some of the Marquetry work in Photos !!!

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Akron MakerSpace Grand Opening

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