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If you enjoy a game of Canasta, Rummikub, Contract Whist, Samba or Euchre we are the group for you.

We started playing on-line as a group in 2020 and find it so convenient that this group is now fully signed up to being on-line play though we shall meet occasionally to play with a real handful. We meet our members in real life on our other two Meetup Groups – Not Following the Crowd and Fusion, see details further down.

We are happy to teach you how to use playingcards.io to move cards about on a card table and how to play the game of Canasta (we play the American 4-pack version) so beginners are most welcome.

We use Zoom and playingcards.io as software so most devices can be accommodated but you must have a large screen for the card table to see the cards—a full-size ipad works, a windows laptop is excellent. Also you need to talk (and see) to us with Zoom which can be on the same device or on your mobile. Few people are able to use ipads to do both – Microsoft Windows is best for this.

Please click the Request to Join to get a week's FREE trial and also go to the other two Groups to get the trail there too – you only get one free trail so join all three at once.

Other events, not card-playing, are located on our two other groups: https://www.meetup.com/NFC-EastKent/ for talks, days out, gardens, museums, walks, local theatre productions, visiting speakers, opera, ballet, Dickens, Shakespeare, Get-Aways, City Breaks, Church & Graveyard Tours, Archery, Pitch & Putt.

https://www.meetup.com/FUSION-Ramsgate/ for Music, Bat & Trap, quizzes, tribute acts, charity events, eating, drinking, talking, laughing and whatever our FUSION members suggest.


We do ask that members have a recognizable, recent photograph of themselves before being accepted as a full member so we can find each other at public events and identify on Zoom.

Once you "Request to Join", Chris will send you a message about your week’s TEMPORARY MEMBERSHIP and this detail will also be displayed underneath your name on the Members list.

Singles and couples of all ages welcome. £4 per year gives you membership of all three groups and access to our secure, can’t be searched for, Facebook Group for news and photos.

Meetup is an American based company. We are charged about £100 each six months depending on the exchange rate at the time for us to use its platform. We also have Zoom fees to pay.

Therefore we have an annual contribution (subs) of £4 from each member renewable each year on the anniversary of you joining the group.

PAYMENT METHODS - Banking or Paym (Paypal is no longer used)

Nationwide Banking

Name Lyn Pettman

Sort Code 07-02-46

Account Number 27733150

Or by Paym

Send to Lyn's mobile number 07463 872 468 and add your Meetup name as reference

We no longer accept payment by Paypal as their transaction fees have become unpredictable.

Please use Meetup Messages to reply to Chris or Lyn to confirm you have made your membership payment so we can identify which £4 is which!

(In future, if you pay us for tickets etc. leave the message on the event.)


1. Our events are for OUR MEMBERS, we do not allow plus 1s on any of our three Groups. If you want to bring friends they need to join.

2. We do need to know how many will be coming, so please RSVP no later than 1 hour before the start time. We have tables of 4s and 6s so usually can accommodate whatever number RSVP apart from the last to RSVP odd person. If we have 12 or 16 people coming we will close the list and you will join the wait list and automatically be promoted if anyone drops out.

3. If you are a member of 12 or more other groups you will not normally be approved as a new or renewing member.

4. Your location is not important to us as several canasta plus members live outside Kent.

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