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Hi All - This is a group to introduce folks to Data Science technologies. We will be focusing on how to get started leveraging Data Science and Data Visualization techniques in your careers. We want to address the below with this group - How do we put together a Data Science team ? What is the life cycle of a Data Science Project ? What are some of the use cases and applications ? What technologies do I need ? Who do I hire ? How do I measure ROI ? What are the new trends in the industry ? What are some of the common pit falls and mistakes ?

With the above questions in mind, the vision for this group is to create a community for Education and Learning real life use cases for Decision Makers, Program managers and Executives who needs practical experience in running Data Science Projects and explore the different avenues and tools that are available. We will demo use cases that cover the Life Cycle of Data Science Projects.

We will be conducting various workshops and training sessions on all technologies and trends in Big Data (Spark, Hadoop Stacks) , AI (Predictive Modeling using R, Python, Azure ML, IBM Watson etc) and Data Visualization using Tableau, Power BI, R.

The group is appropriate for Programmers and Non Programmers alike.

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