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Kayak Polo, also known as Canoe Polo is one of the eight disciplines of canoeing. Kayak Polo combines canoeing and ball handling skills with an exciting contact team game, where tactics and positional play are as important as the speed and fitness of the individual athletes. It is a cross between water polo, basketball, and hockey. Please join us in the pool, we'd be happy to show you what it's all about :) If your have any questions drop us a line here on Meetup! (http://www.meetup.com/NYkayakpolo/) and follow us on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-York-Kayak-Polo/465827163439084) for event photos and videos.


NYKP Pool Session FAQs

1) ”Which Session is Best for Me?"

NYKP holds 3 sessions per week. They have different objectives and are aimed at 3 different levels of skill/experience.


This is our entry-level and social session. It is targeted at individuals who want a more relaxed and fun set of games. It is also targeted at kayakers who are new to kayak polo. It will involve some basic drills on paddling, throwing and shooting, and allow time to practice personal skills, rescues and rolls. To sign up for this session you must be:

-Comfortable doing a wet exit and require minimal assistance to re-enter your boat.

-Comfortable or working toward being comfortable upside-down waiting for an assisted rescue.

-Working on your basic paddling skills and strokes.

-Curious about kayak polo skills, strategies and rules.

-Willing to take instruction and learn.


This is our intermediate-level session. It is targeted at individuals who have fundamental kayak polo skills and are learning strategy and rules. The games are competitive and faster-paced, led by our more seasoned players, but care is taken to accommodate newer players. We generally start with drills to develop skills. To sign up for this session you must be:

-Comfortable upside-down waiting for an assisted rescue.

-Actively working toward a roll or self-reliant with your wet exit and re-entry.

-Actively developing intermediate paddling skills and strokes.

-Willing to take advice about kayak polo skills, strategies and rules.


This is a more advanced session. It is targeted at individuals who are ready for fully competitive games (which will involve potential hand tackles) and are interested in training toward being NYKP team members in local/national tournaments. Our senior players direct drills and guide with gameplay. To sign up for this session you must be:

-Comfortable upside-down waiting for an assisted rescue.

-Actively working toward a roll or self-reliant with your wet exit and re-entry. Having a roll is strongly recommended.

-Competent with intermediate to advanced paddling skills and strokes.

-Actively learning and seeking advice for intermediate to advanced kayak polo skills, strategies and rules.

2) I’ve Never Kayaked Before, Which Session Should I Join?

Due to intense aquatic engagement, our sessions are intended for paddlers with intermediate to advanced kayaking skills, especially using a decked boat. They are not recommended for those new to kayaking. Exceptions may be made upon speaking with session hosts on a case-by-case basis. We recommend the AMC pool sessions to get started: http://www.nyckayaking.com .

3) How Much is it to Play?

Two free trial sessions are available for newcomers; season or per-session fees are due for everyone else ($250/winter season, $300/Annual, or $20/session).

Insurance Cost: ACA Membership ($30/year) or a one-time event fee ($5) for insurance is required and due separately from club and facility fees for all participants (including free trial participants). Newcomers can pay the $5 fee upon arrival (or apply as new ACA members in advance). Regulars: please confirm that your ACA membership is up to date. For the ACA membership discount ($10), select “New York Kayak Polo” as your Paddle America Club.

4) Where Do You Play?

During the winter we play in an indoor heated pool in the Yanitelli Recreation Center at Saint Peter’s University near the intersection of Montgomery St. and Fairmount Terrace in Jersey City, NJ: http://www.nykayakpolo.org/location/ .

5) How Do I Sign-Up for a Session?

Please sign-up on our Meetup group: https://www.meetup.com/NYkayakpolo/ . Please cancel if you can’t make it.

6) Can I Just Turn-Up at the Pool?

No - please sign-up so we know you are coming. Sessions get cancelled without sufficient numbers. Also, the pool door may be locked, so we will look out for you if we know you are coming. We don’t want wasted journeys!

7) Can I Get a Ride?

Please post a comment in our Meetup group for a specific session if you need a ride, and where from. One of the other players will usually get back to you if they can offer a ride. For regulars, please contact your fellow NYKPers directly - you know who drives by now and can see if they are coming on Meetup.

8) What Do I Need to Bring?

We supply boats, paddles, spraydecks, PFDs and helmets. Please bring water shorts, rash guard, water shoes, water bottle and towel/shower stuff.

Upcoming events (1)

Social(ly distant) Saturday

Pier 66 Boathouse

PLEASE RSVP HERE AT LEAST A FEW HOURS BEFORE THE SESSION. We want to be transparent about the numbers so that players understand who and how many will attend. COVID-19 rules: 1. You MUST wear a mask within the boathouse 2. Socially distance and follow posted signs (e.g., the HRCS signs instructing people to disinfect bathroom surfaces you touch with the provided spray & paper towels). You may need to wait for our area in the boathouse to clear out, and please do not linger there if others are waiting to get their gear. 3. Wash your hands BEFORE touching things in the boathouse, and before handling balls. (You should also wash them after practice, of course.) 4. Balls should be sanitized with spray/wipes before and after practice. 5. Disinfect club paddle shafts and helmets using our spray after practice. 6. Disinfect and rinse club PFDs & skirts that have not specifically been assigned to you after practice using our tub and laundry sanitizer. 7. On the water, stay 2 meters apart and avoid hand tackles. If you are not yet an NYKP member, please confirm with a session host if this session will be appropriate for you before attending. Club gear should either be reserved for use by regular attendees, or disinfected after the session. Procedures are here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1yT3cFHusR8d5MiJfKl7uc0reOT2nWf68UTHr-w1T2iI/edit?usp=sharing

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