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If you're a paddler and looking for kayak or canoe paddlers in the Central Georgia, East Alabama area that want to get out on our local waterways as well as an occasional extended canoe and kayak trip. This is open to paddlers of all levels from flat water to whitewater enthusiast. If you've ever watched others out enjoying our many lakes and rivers from their kayak/or canoe, and wanted to join in this is for you. All we ask is that you have a boat and are willing to be an active participant.

Safety is our number one priority. With that in mind we have a few common sense rules as follow. 1) Group members must wear coast guard approved PFD at all times while on the water participating in a Newnan Paddlers Meetup event. 2') Members must agree to follow the instructions of the event leader at all times. 3) In Class III rated water or higher members must wear helmets. 4) Members agree to dress appropriately and will bring dry clothing in the event of getting wet. 5)Members take personal responsibility for their safety and Newnan Paddlers Meetup, trip leaders and organizers are not responsible for any injuries that may occur during meetup events. 6) Members recognize the inherent dangers involved in paddle sports. 7)By being a member you agree to the above terms.

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Canoe clinic / Good times!

Needs a location

For clarification May 28th @11:00 EASTERN TIME - till…. EVERYONE IS INVITED!

This even is being put together in preparation for the September Utah trip. We will gather for some canoe instruction and lots of fun! We will have WITH US 4 tandem canoe’s and a BBQ grill! Plans are to play around a lot and learn some canoe maneuvers along the way. Gwen will be in charge of the education! No worries if you’re not on the Utah trip or don’t have a desire to learn about canoeing, throw your kayak in the water and join us anyway!! We will be doing burgers and dogs on the grill after we get out of the water, bring a side and a chair and let’s just hang out on this holiday Saturday! This would be a great opportunity to bring your family or someone that just wants to tool around and get some water time. Please RSVP so we have enough burgers/dogs. Bathrooms onsite.

Saturday Paddle: Chattahoochee River - Buford Dam to Abbotts Bridge Rec Area

This is a 14-mile paddle, class I-II. There is one class 2 rapid that can get tricky at higher levels. At this point I'm not expecting high levels and probably will change trip to another section if water is going to be high.


Please bring water and lunch to eat on the river along with sunscreen, hat, sunglasses.

*Required: PFD (to be worn while on the river)

We'll meet at Buford Dam, dump boats, leave one person to watch them, drive all cars to takeout returning in as few cars as possible. This may change depending on carrying capacity of cars of those who sign up.

MEET AT THE LAUNCH: Buford Dam Lower Pool[masked], [masked] Buford Dam Rd, Cumming, GA 30041

TAKEOUT: Abbotts Bridge Recreation Center[masked], [masked] Abbotts Bridge Rd, Duluth, GA 30097

Suwannee River Kayak Camping: Suwannee River State Park to Bransford

Needs a location

Hopefully third time is the charm and after cancelling twice this year hoping this weekend will work. Please note I will cancel if water too low or air temperature too high. In case of cancellation the back-up date is November 11-14.


This is an exploratory trip as I have not done this section. I have consulted with several people who have paddled it and am hoping some of them may come. This is flat water with possibly a few class 1 shoals if the water is low.


1. This is a boat-based camping trip meaning you need to carry all gear with you in the boat. A 14 foot or longer boat is best due to distances covered but any length allowed as long as you are capable of doing the first two longer days in it.
2. Wearing a fastened life jacket while in the boat required.
3. Alcohol/Substance Use-This is a paddling trip not a drinking trip. I prefer no alcohol consumption/substance use during the day and expect everyone to be fully able to paddle, follow directions, and assist with any group problems/rescues. Moderate use in the evenings - no getting drunk and/or loud at night please.
4. This trip is dependent on having sufficient water level and not being too hot. May need to cancel the week prior depending on conditions.

*****************Shuttle I'm probably going to do a paid shuttle so that all cars are left at takeout. Will post details and costs when closer to trip.****************

Four-day paddle starting at Suwannee River State Park and taking out at Branford.


Friday 8:30 AM Paddle 15 miles from Suwannee River State Park to Dowling River Camp to camp. Dowling was closed - I can't tell if it has reopened - if closed we can camp there but there won't be water, showers, or real bathrooms available.
Saturday Paddle 17 miles to Peacock Slough River Camp
Sunday Paddle 11 miles to Adam Tract River Camp
Monday Paddle 9 miles to Branford

We will be staying at the River Camps but you need to carry a tent as I won't be reserving spaces. There will be water, showers, toilets available except possibly the first night so need to carry enough water for the first two days. You will be able to resupply water starting the second night. Also not planning on paddling fast to get to the camp early just to get a screened room. You may be able to get one of the screened rooms but can't count on it.

To go on this trip you should have paddled long distances before and be capable of paddling 15 -17 miles in a loaded boat and keeping up with the group. I’d also prefer that you have done at least one boat-based camping trip prior – if not please message me so we can discuss-I'm not trying to keep you from going, just want to make sure you know what to expect. We will have to keep a steady pace due to the long mileage the first two days. This will be especially true the first day as we will need to run the shuttle that morning and won’t be getting on the river until later in the morning.

Saturday trip -Chattahoochee Abbott's Bridge to Garrard's Landing

Needs a location

Required: PFD and shoes

Paddle 10 miles of the Chattahoochee with some class I rapids. This is a more developed section of the river than some, that includes a view of the 32,000 square foot mansion, Dean Gardens, where Tyler Perry used to live. We'll meet at the takeout and shuttle boats to the put-in. $5 per car parking fee at wherever you leave your car. The carry at the take-out is a little longer than some (not real long) so bring wheels if you have them.


Abbott's Bridge - 4569 Abbott's Bridge Rd, Duluth, GA

Take out:
Garrard's Landing Park - 8000 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Roswell, GA

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Toccoa river : Tamen Park to McCaysville

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