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Utilizing tools to build GraphQL backend for rapid development
GraphQL is a powerful technology providing client an efficient and elegant way to fetch data, getting exactly the data and avoid multiple round-trips. The GraphQL community is evolving fast, with various tools emerging for HTTP server integration, query and mutation support, schema translations and ORMs. I'm a co-author of library called Allograph. You can take a look here: Allograph aims to integrate the various tools around GraphQL to provide a rapid development framework to enhance developer experience. In this talk, I'm going to show not only how to use Allograph, but go in detail on how we built Allograph from scratch, the considerations and choices we made along the way, and the tools we decided to include and leave out. There'll be topics beyond what you see in "Introduction to GraphQL" tutorials. After the talk, you'll gain deeper understanding on GraphQL itself, with perspectives on how to build a GraphQL backend either alongside an existing app or from scratch.

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This meetup is focused on spreading knowledge and best practices for the use of Node.js. Node is exploding with a massive and dedicated developer community, and is moving into enterprise stacks. There is an incredible talent pool out there who can bring their experience back to the community, and our goal is to get them into the group to speak. Topics of discussion include OSS projects, architectures, testing, devops, code management, deployment strategies, the future of Node and emerging trends.

And of course we want to continue making the Node.js community a great atmosphere to be in. If you use Node.js or even have a beginner's interest, come join us and hear about the latest and greatest from Node.

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