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We are looking for kind, friendly and open-minded people who seek to actively improve themselves, their moral character and the world. In our meetings we will discuss ways that we can mutually help each other become better people and be more engaged in improving our communities. This is not a religious organization.

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The Concept of Evil

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The concept of evil is limited to our human understanding of the concept. Perhaps the ultimate evil to exist would have to be non-human, some sentient being divorced of such attributes as empathy and compassion. In this meetup we explore what the concept of evil is, and if possible, how to define and eliminate it in our lives. Furthermore, how might we safegueard ourselves from it in the future.

Human Instincts

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What innate and typically fixed pattern of behavior in humans exist? How can awareness of instinctual behavior be used to rationally sculpt our conscious behavior?

Reversing Climate Change

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First we will look at some of the most compelling evidence that human activity is the most major factor contributing to global climate change, then we will look at big ideas which may work in reversing climate change, or whether this is even within reach.

Eliminating Poverty

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Extreme poverty in the world is on the decline and has been for some time now. However, entrenched poverty still exists in many parts of the world with little remedy in near sight. How can we globally reduce or even eliminate poverty, in all its forms, where and whenever it occurs?

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Understanding Intuition

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