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OC-Polyamory's Eat&Discuss #13(Parenting,+more topics via cmts)+

Paradise Perks Espresso & Tea Bar

15475 Jeffrey Road Jeffrey Rd & Irvine Center Drive · Irvine, CA

How to find us

You'll have to search for us there but it's small; we should have a table assigned to us on the inside, not on the patio.

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MHQ8ST: Want more folks attending, plus great events totally suiting you? Then MAKE IT HAPPEN! -click here (! Including: MJ9E11: for our upcoming/future events MJ9E48: Don't wait, RSVP NOW! And if a MAYBE just say YES with explanation. MJ9EOM: for special-interest Meetups as ours, this REALLY helps build attendance more than anything else. MJ9E9N: SUGGEST TOPICS by commenting on the event listing, with 1 top-level comment per topic. MJ9EPD: We typically cover the topics people suggest. MJ9ESK: BRING YOUR LAPTOP + Devices for accessing Meetup, including for ( website sharing & research, posting questions & announcements, RSVPing for future events, and much more: just click that link. MDJQ6Z: Occurrences plus Historic Changes, in order: MG82DQ: Cost: Free!, though please support our venue as by buying a drink and/or food MHQCM7: #[masked]Fri(1st) ( at Freesoulcaffé ( name "OC Polyamory Meetup (" MHQCPV: #[masked]Fri(1st) ( name: "Coffee, Tea and Smoothies at Paradise Perks. Let's Chat! :) ("; "will repeat the first Friday of every month". MHQCV8: #[masked]Fri(1st) ( MHQCXK: #[masked]Fri(1st) ( MHQD0G: #[masked]Sat ( at The Waters ( named "Connections Games Party and Playshop (". MG85QT: #[masked]Sat1800 ( (named "Connections Game Party & Playshop 2" but became a general meeting), 3 attended, went hours -2200(venue close). MDJR5D: starting[masked], Repeating 1st Tuesday of each month MG8RQQ: starting[masked], hours 7:00pm-9:00pm MG86AH: starting[masked], named "[OC-Polyamory ('s] General Meeting & Discussion" MBPR0Z: starting[masked], All into & curious about polyamory (, especially those local, let's grab a bite to eat, chat and connect! MKNMLQ: starting[masked]~-: Agenda: recurring community meetup agenda M0TAGN ( MDJQ6D: #[masked] (, went hours[masked](venue close), 4+1 attended, MDJQ89: #[masked] (, , went hours[masked](venue close), 2 attended. MG84AW: Starting[masked] ([masked]), VENUE MFMAI1: CONVENIENT: right by Irvine Valley College ( (between 5 & 405 freeways) and with plenty of adjacent free parking MFMAKD: COOL: typically features a spirited diverse smart crowd of mostly IVC ( students plus some UCI ( students. MFMAWE: offers a full selection of non-alcoholic drinks plus pastries, with several good restaurants next-door. MFMDRL: We may be in the patio room which is nice but not well-insulated so if cold outside, HAVE/BRING warm clothing. MG86FK: starting[masked], named "OC-Polyamory ('s Eat&Discuss" MG87UG: starting[masked], announced "MJ9ESK: BRING YOUR LAPTOP + Devices for accessing Meetup (" above. MG8RPX: starting[masked], HOURS 7:00pm-10:00pm (as at all prior events, attendees stayed to 10:00pm despite it being scheduled to just 9:00pm) MDJQDH: #[masked] ( 1 week due to New Years Day) --topics "including on Polyamory Dating Sites ( as OkCupid (" MJ9EYU: starting about this point, announced "MJ9E9N: Suggest topics by commenting on the event listing,.." above. MGE0SK: #[masked] (, MHQBJF: #11:[masked] (, MHUAXJ:#12:[masked] ( OWN documentary ([masked]); &more topics via cmts),
MJ7W4M: #13:[masked] ( ([masked]),+more topics via cmts), MJ9DX8: #14:[masked]~ (, MMF3GX: #15:[masked]~ (, LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH:” on this point? They’re short IDs to date-stamp, uniquely-reference, & portably-track most any point or item. MDMN8M: Listing History, in order ( MKNMPR: all authoring here by I Destiny ( except where noted here. MMF3E0: for prior history see last listing ( which this is a copy of. MMF3FE: updated title from no topics to present; since now only 6 not 7 private Qs allowed, cut Q on carpooling; updated MHUAXJ thru rest; pst[masked]Tue0122.

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