group-watch&discuss Showtime’s smart REALITY show “POLYAMORY”, in Irvine

Hosted by SoCal Poly Friends

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Price: $0.01 /per person

Paradise Perks Espresso & Tea Bar

15475 Jeffrey Road Jeffrey Rd & Irvine Center Drive · Irvine, CA

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This in the big meeting room of popular coffehouse in Irvine. Just come in!

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MDIA32: now Destiny created this event by copying our last one ( then updating; has not yet been email-announced; please RSVP YES now if you can, but note: UNDER CONSTRUCTION, including THE TIMES ABOVE are approximate & likely will change; This in the big meeting room of popular coffehouse in Irvine; THE DETAILS BELOW have not yet been updated. pst[masked]wed1856.

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$2 Hot Movie & Talk! Daily group watch & discuss of Showtime's fun insightful trendy reality show of POLYAMORY here in SoCal!
*“the Best Reality Show” says
*“A MUST-SEE... Ideas & maybe solutions for broken romance & family everywhere”
*Every Day 1-6pm & 7pm-12am, 2012.Sep.25tue ending Oct.01mon, at 5&55Fwys in Tustin,central OC,CA
*picture caption: the successful San Diego family of 4, so giving their (very happy) kid Devin 4 caring parents!
RSVP by emailing [masked] or by texting “poly” to 96000. Official page (biz card MB71RS) )

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--and about, here in SoCal, real families based on **unsecret committed romance between 3 or 4 adults** including to parent kids! Yes, these families are not without stress, but are remarkably successful, attractive, & VERY romantically-fulfilled --instead of today's usual & often-broken family of just 2 or 1 adults, many times unhappy, and latchkey kids ( with often fighting-parents or a single-parent or no parents." "M8O4OG: --“the Best Reality Show on TV” says (" "M875BU: --“A MUST-SEE ( for most anyone ( affected by romance & marriage, offering ideas & maybe solutions for broken romance & family everywhere.”" "MAZWOR: At least in America, broken families have long become the norm. Moreover, hiding romance & feelings, cheating, lying, & meaningless sex have become so common they are regularly expected. Indeed overall our dream of monogamy ( may actually be just that: a dream --most especially in our modern world with ever-increasing options & freedoms. Well this show demonstrates successful real families here in SoCal finding a possible real alternative solution to romance & family: loving more, not less." "MAX1LQ: WHEN: DAILY 1pm-6pm & 7pm-12am, 2012Sep25tue ending Oct01mon. "MB7I0Y: This series ends not from lack of demand but from our venue running out ( Want more? So do we! We just need a venue. So, as we got this place, find or volunteer a venue (!" MAQ2R5:For full & exact details on when & happenings then, see WHEN on the event series' official web page (; everywhere else it's posted (as Meetup, Facebook, business cards) is often just a sampling of the many occurrences." "MB0TFG: Open to the neighborhood & widely advertised." "M8GHNU: It's posted in many places (Meetup, Facebook, JotHere, cards being handed out) and it repeats 1 to 2x every day, so: .. MAYDFI: The RSVPs shown on any event listing[, as here on this page,] are only some, likely only a few, of all attending." "MARW7W: RSVP & attend as soon as you can, as..[see this next link:]" "MARWA8: RSVP on [this post else on the post of the date&time you want] else by emailing [masked] else by texting "poly" to 96000". MAXI0J: OFFICIAL WEB PAGE --includes all other occurrences & latest info. "LG4OWH: What are these codes as “LG4OWH” on this paragraph? They're short IDs to date-stamp & uniquely-reference most anything (!" MB7AHI: Oh, and btw, this is very happy Devin :-) " M87XAJ: --These event details are a copy of (last-modified pdt[masked]mon0527: released for reposting as long as this paragraph remains intact).