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When's the last time you had a stranger throw balls at your face?

...yes, exactly!

We have challenged Michael from Orange County Social Meetup (21-36) AND Brittany from OCYFN to this BATTLE ROYALE- Capture the Flag: Dodgeball!!

The Game:

Capture the Flag- each team has a flag they must protect while trying to steal and return another teams. Traditionally, if a member of team "X" were to be in the territory of team "Y," members of team "Y" could 'capture' the player from "X" by tagging them and escorting them to "jail."

...that's where the dodgeballs come in :)

Instead of a friendly tap on the shoulder, we'll throw rubber balls at each other. FUN, right?

Just like dodgeball, if you are hit with the ball, you'll be sent to "jail" where you must wait til a teammate comes to rescue you. If you are rescued, you must walk back to your flag and touch it before you are allowed to play again.

For our game, modified rules are as follows:

1. 12 balls are in play. You may horde as many as you can handle.
2. Players may only be "thrown (hit) out" if they are on enemy territory.
3. Catching a ball does send the throwing player away- they must go back and touch his/her respective flag.
4. If a player 'captures' the flag, but is hit in the process, flag is immediately dropped and is still in play. Anyone may pick it up and take it.
5. Two ways to win: Capture and return the flag, or knock out other team(s) completely.
6. Each game will last 15 minutes, with a 5 minute break between for planning some 'strategery' then back at it again.
7. Point System for Winning: First place: 5 points, Second place: 3 points, Last: 1. Most points at the end of 5 games wins (Note: we will win all 5) :)

This will be our second "Meetup v. Meetup" event of 2013, and i'm looking for us to be 2-0. One team is wearing blue and one is wearing red.. I WILL CONFIRM OUR COLOR ASAP.

After our victory, we'll grab some food and drinks at a nearby El Cholo or ZPizza.

Bring water, some running shoes, and your competitive spirit!

See ya on the field!

-CONTACT Eric at
Or Brittany through meetup