Past Meetup

OCAndroid Main Mtg #71(Try&Demo Google Glass;ISO Boot;Training;&more via cmts!)+

Price: $5.00 /per person

Location visible to members



N72SQC=RSVP now (only put NO if definite) but see this event listing a few hours before leaving for when&where confirmation.
N7SW64=quote{ ( members to first RSVP YES (specifically RSVPed YES the longest) and then attend the event for its announced time period else for the time period s/he said s/he would attend in his/her RSVP, at else shortly-after his/her arrival,
get FREE Round Table Premium Specialty Pizza ( (among the best pizza, with 3+ toppings) plus FREE drinks (flavorful soda & Crystal Light (!!, for all s/he can personally eat & drink there, while supplies last and we aim every person who RSVPs ASAP YES then attends as expected to get this great food free! After that, this awesome pizza is $3/slice plus{these drinks still free iff consumed there by attendees}. } (
N2YLGC=Date & time may be delayed as detailed on When thread ([masked])

N235KA: “OCAndroid Main Mtg (
#71 ( Google Glass ([masked]);ISO Boot ([masked]);Training (;&more via cmts (!)”
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N233D5: Changed title fr(OCAndroid Main Meetup #70(Try Google Glass demo, all training,&more via cmts!)+) to present; notably update MKFQY7 {N2353U=including replacing it with new N235KA: much more intuitive & natural as a quote of the tile with hyperlinks followed by explanation of the these links}; update date fr[masked](Mon#2) to[masked](Thu#4) ([masked]); update(set) private RSVP Qs to be latest ([masked]); pst[masked]Fri12-1410.
N348V3=Updated date from today to present value[masked]Thu) ([masked]); pst[masked]Thu1526.
N5N0D9=Updated date from today to present value ([masked]); pst[masked]Thu1547.
N6BJTU=Updated date from tomorrow to {present value=[masked]Thu); ([masked]) pst[masked]Thu2144.
N72SK5=Updated from today to present value; updating venue from usual venue to PS ([masked]) as noted at new N72SMF, plus overall alert N72SQC; pst[masked]Thu1454.
N7RSZI=per venue confirmation of our new venue ([masked]), q(How to find us) to present; also per the new hours the new venue allows ([masked]), updated from 5:30pm-9:30pm to present; pst2014.06. 26Thu0259.
N7SW3D=removed q({N72SMF=Venue is likely but not not yet confirmed; backup venue would be likely just S. of Irvine Spectrum.); added N7SW64 and updated before & after a little; pst2014.06. 26Thu1706.

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