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M0TBPV: See this particular meetup among happening-posts in this series (; key quotes from there: M1KE1R: Hour range: 6:00pm-10:00pm ( M41CGI: CONVENIENT LOCATION ( with great food, just 0.6 miles from the 5 freeway exit, just south of the Irvine Spectrum Center (, and with plenty of adjacent free parking. M3BB40: Stuff to Bring M6VJ4I: BRING YOUR LAPTOP --VERY IMPORTANT, including for posting questions & announcements, RSVPing for future events, and web research. M15TNK: If you have PORTABLE INTERNET, especially Internet you can share as a wifi-hotspot, please BRING IT. Want to learn how to create a portable Internet hotspot ( Then BRING the equipment.
As we share who provides us Internet among our attendees (for the regular case where our venue's Internet is non-existent or not reliable; also gives us many more venue choices). M6VJ2P: Bring ALL ANDROID DEVICES you may want to work on and/or have questions about.. M0SVG5: If programming or learning-to, BRING YOUR HARDWARE & SOFTWARE for coding/developing Android (your laptop+Android devices+hookup cables) M0TCJ6: If you don’t yet have the software (Android IDE ( installed, that’s fine, as we provide it and help you install it during our meeting. M0TIDD: Activities in-order: socializing & networking, introductions, News & Qs (news, jobs, announcements, Q&A), presentations, at-your-own-pace all-level developer training (, user issues (getting your devices to do what you want WITHOUT programming), constructive hacking ( including coding/programming & building apps; plus eating pizza, the food of computer hackers world-wide! M0TJPA: includes OCAndroid's successful at-your-own-pace all-level developer training M6YEC3: both in (native code=Java) ([masked]) and (in portable code, notably in PhoneGap ( M6YHZ7: hugely successful in both our 1st release for Java ( and our 1st release for PhoneGap ( M3BBXA: (new ( Audience: only members of OCAndroid ( M3BE26: OCAndroid ( is Orange County (,_California)‘s largest & oldest Android ( community ( group; and as that would suggest, M3BEED: Members are Android ( software ( & hardware ( developers (, users (, managers (, & entrepreneurs (, at all levels, in-or-by-or-visiting Orange County, California (,_California). M3BE9L: The Android OS ( hardware ( includes: mobile computer ( (including smartphone ( & tablet (, video game console ( as Ouya (, plus other uses as embedded in high-end printers as by member James Jung ( and even in airplane seat entertainment systems ( as Panasonic Avionics ( right here in Lake Forest! M0TBTL:[masked]: Food --available to everyone who RSVPs YES:-typically Quality 3-topping Round-Table Pizza, "the nutrition of hackers world wide", plus soda! -per "LU1W8A=So how about this.." of here ([masked]). M0TCOF:Cost: free except for the food you take unless someone is buying. M0SMZZ: (new) Recurring-Agenda: recurring community meetup agenda M0TAGN ( M7YRZZ: WE ALWAYS NEED MORE LEADERS. Post your interest in helping on the event comments!

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