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MEEvtL ( MITE5M: RSVP & post thoughts now.

MEQNTI: Orange County (,_California) Python ( (OCPython (
people, news&Qs, some presentations, training/discussions/projects&hacking

{MKA4JN=And doing all that, & in that order, we do Recurring Agenda & Activities M0TAGN (, since our 2013.03.25 meeting (}
{N24Q1S=your stuff for doing what we'll all be doing: for programming and/or authoring and for accessing Meetup, especially:
MGDVWD=your smartphones, tablets, & especially laptops –don't be that one guy who forgot to bring a laptop.
N24PPQ=your WiFi Internet hotspots especially to share, including by turning your your smartphone into one
N24QEX=your Chromecast ( and other portable stuff for video sharing & desktop sharing ( –if convenient to bring
{MY58FR=Everyone, PLEASE POST OFTEN & PROPERLY, especially what you desire & why, and instead-of Private Messaging (as calls,emails, &even SMS) (; especially please:
* ASAP Post Topics, Presentations, Events, Qs, Jobs, & Announcements you want, and
* ASAP RSVP (& if MAYBE, say YES till certain NO), and
* one thread per topic & one topic per thread ( --read each link here for details.}
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{N24OA1: Upcoming+Recent Occurrences plus Present Traditions in reverse order:

N24LBV=2014.03.24(Mon4)1730-2130 ( aka :
“OCPython Main Mtg 2014.03 ( IO (, Deployment (, Training (, &more via cmts (!)”

N24L6M=2014.02.24(Mon4)1730-2130 (
“OCPython Main Mtg 2014.02 (,Async IO (,&more via cmts (!)” -informal as Destiny busy big-promoting us at SCaLE12x! (
MY57PP=2014.01.27(Mon4)1730-2130 ( aka :
“OCPython Main Mtg 2014.01 ( (,mod_wsgi (,bup et al (,licensing (,training (,&more via cmts (!)”
MWU2DD=2013.12.23Mon1730-2130 ( aka :
“OCPython Main Mtg 2014.01 (, [unit testing including ]Unittest (, licensing[ -a novel solution by Destiny (], &more via cmts (!)”
: MK97XF: Food&drinks available to those who RSVP YES via cost-recovery.
M0TBVL: typically Quality 3-topping Round-Table Pizza, "the nutrition of hackers world wide", plus soda!

MK8VHB: 2012.12.01~-present: member DestinyArchitect is Co-Organizer ( (so now 2 group leaders)
: MK984Z: 2010.02.25Thu18:30 ( 1st occurrence
MK979B: Repeat: every 1 month
MK96K2: 2010.01.27- member Dan Stromberg ( founds group
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MIUMNL: Especially if a long drive for you, post a comment ASAP saying you're open to carpooling and we'll try to find you one.
MIUMRZ: During the event, or sooner, RSVP to our upcoming events whereever you can say MAYBE or YES. }
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