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Beyond the Wild Wood

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It has been 5,000 years since the last dragon set the horizon aflame. 3,000 years since the last magic city floated across the skies of Golarion. 1,000 years since rats larger than a small dog infested a dilapidated basement. Golarion has since made incredible advances in technology and let pass the tumultuous magics of years gone. As the years have passed, Golarion has become rather domesticated, to tell the truth. Adventure lies only in the hearts of the men and women of our fair land, no longer allowed to roam the wild woods that we once fought to conquer.

No more. The Federated States of Golarion may look to hide the magic from your eyes, but their reach only goes so far. Down South in the Wasted Lands, adventure awaits on the border between the Hells and this so-called "Heaven" that has been given to us. Fight battles with the devils and demons that roam the wastes. Make a name for yourself in the frontier towns that defiantly make homes in that which seeks to destroy them. Join the Southern Expedition Forces today and go on the adventure of tomorrow!

General Florence de'Chavallier- Southern Expedition Forces

OOC: Character lvl starts at 5. There will be guns and the tech level for those guns will be set at "Emerging Guns" Information concerning guns can be found here: and, for a class that utilizes guns, here: Whatever you do choose to make, I'll need at least the class, so I can tell people what slot has been filled. Email me at [masked] and I'll answer any questions you may have and help you through building your character. :) Cheers!